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‘Digital Silk Road’ by Maha Thera

Professor Kinji Ono of the National Institute of Informatics

TOKYO, Japan - Professor Kinji Ono of the National Institute of Informatics is working to create a cyber museum dubbed the "Digital Silk Road," digitising pictures and documents concerning the old continental route linking Europe and the Orient for centuries.

It is part of a project jointly being undertaken with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to leave cultural assets to posterity.

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A Good Wife should… by Fotopoulou Sophia

Women in Ancient Greece... 330 BCE... What Aristotle... wrote... about women...

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A Potawatomi Story by Fotopoulou Sophia

This story is really two stories that come from the Native American peoples of Wisconsin. The first story is a Potawatomi story of the origin of humans, and the second concerns the Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Ottawa peoples.

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Ajanta and Buddhist art by Fotopoulou Sophia

"For this cause, adoration and praise (offered to Him) remains not without its reward, and yields great and abundant advantage; and if on that occasion even one flower be offered, it becomes the cause of reward called heaven and final liberation".

This is the inscription on Cave 26, at Ajanta in the state of Maharashtra, which also conveys that the monk Buddhabhadra had ordered and provided for the cave's excavation in the late 5th century A.D. Earlier a merchant, Buddhabhadra had renounced the world and retreated to Ajanta, probably with much of his wealth. And the inscription…

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