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Alban Berg by Mark Bond

Alban Berg (1885-1935)

Alban Berg was a great musician, and he was, before all else, a great musical dramatist.

Alban Berg's music demonstrates better than any other the individual expressive qualities possible within the highly structured style developed by the composers of the Second Viennese School. Even when writing in a pure twelve-tone style, Berg employs a lyrical and harmonic language that hearkens back to the late romantic style of Mahler. For this reason, he is the most easily approached composer of this style.

With the untimely death of Alban Berg it would appear that the period…

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Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923) by Jim Down

Gustave Eiffel

A French engineer, constructor of bridges and viaducts. He designed the Eiffel Tower and the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty. He was initially charged with corruption in the 1888 scandal of Ferdinand de Lesseps's failed Panama Canal project, but was cleared of all wrongdoing by a French appeals court in 1893. Nonetheless, he withdrew from commercial life and spent the rest of his years studying aerodynamics.

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Ancient Hellenic Burial Rites by Fotopoulou Sophia

Who knows then whether Life be not Death, and what we here call Death be called Life there below?

In ancient Greece the myth and cult of death is centred on the different beliefs concerning the inherent nature and fate of the psyche. Although "psyche" is often translated as "soul," that is too simplistic to be entirely correct. The psyche was the life force that combined with the body made a person human. One could see evidence of the psyche in the phenomena of dreaming, ecstatic states and fainting, when it left the body, usually temporarily. The…

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Angelos Sikelianos by Yan Zhuo

Angelos Sikelianos (1884–1951)

Angelos Sikelianos (1884–1951) is one of the most prominent poets and a main representative of the modern European lyricism. He was born in Lefkada and he was descended from a noble family. After the secondary school he came to Athens to study the science of law, but he deserted his post because he was fascinated by poetry. He got married with the rich American archaeologist Eva Kotland, who was a valuable assistant as it concerns his creative work .Both of them loved passionately the Greek mythology and history, and they create a common ideal of life and act. Angelos Sikelianos…

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