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How to Find a Counselor or Therapist for Your Child by Mala Matina


This is an excerpt from What Parents Need to Know About ODD by Dr. James Sutton - Doc's site

If you think your oppositional and defiant child might benefit from counseling, here are some great ideas and suggestions for locating a counselor or therapist. This is an excerpt from Dr. Sutton latest project, an audio/workbook program entitled What Parents Need to Know About ODD. This program, which uses a workbook and two audio CDs, is scheduled to be available in mid fall of 2002.

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Subbuteo by Yan Zhuo

Subbuteo by Hasbro

A Finger flicking fun game with a nearly 90 year history. Flick your soccer players into the ball and drive it down the field! Hundreds of painted national and club teams, accessories, stadiums (with spectators), even lights are available. There are many stories about how the world's most popular flick-football game got its name. Originally it was to be called 'The Hobby', but for legal reasons this name could not be registered. It was found however, that the Latin name for the 'Hobby' bird is Falco Subbuteo… and from there onwards, 'Subbuteo' was born.

In the 1920s…

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Traces of a Dragon by Dimitris Katakalaios

Jackie's mother

In 1999, Jackie Chan's mother's health began to fail and his father decided to tell his son the whole family story. Jackie Chan went to visit him in Australia. Mabel Cheung and her film crew went with him.
This film follows the traces of this family, whose fate is far from unique in China. Again and again, families were torn apart by the turmoil of the Second World War, the Civil War, and, later, the Cultural Revolution...

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