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Angela Mao Fu Ying by Jim Down

Angela Mao Fu Ying

Before Angela Mao there were certainly other female action stars, Cheng Pei Pei and Polly Shang Kwan to name two of the best, but Angela captured the imagination of the HK film fans around the world unlike any other and to this day she is still held in legendary status.

She brought a charisma and intensity to the screen that few action stars can. She was beautiful with her big wide eyes and lovely features, but never attempted to use her good looks to further her popularity. What she had was an incredible athletic prowess that…

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Ba Gua Zhang by Lao Xu Jin

Sifu Sun Sek Fang taken from :Genuine Transmission of Pakua Kungfu

Ba Gua Zhang (chin.: Bāguà 八卦) is relatively new in terms of complete Chinese martial art systems, having been developed in the 19th Century. This internal martial art is emphasizing the use of spiral movements and a sophisticated use of footwork and fighting angles. It makes the body extremely flexible and able to move with tremendous grace, speed and power. Bagua practice is vigorous and aerobic. Many consider Baguazhang to be the most advanced of the Chinese Martial Arts.

Ba Gua Zhang (chin.: Bāguàzhăng 八卦掌) is literally translated as the Eight Trigram Palm. This style is one…

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Brendan Lai by Mala Matina

Brendan Lai Tat-Chung Copyright 2002-2003 and on,


Grandmaster Brendan Lai Tat-Chung was born in Hong Kong in 1942. He became a devoted disciple of the the famous Seven Star Praying Mantis Grandmaster Huang Han Xun (1896 - 1973), known in Hong Kong as the "Mantis King." After learning that system for many years in 1961 Grandmaster Lai came to the United States to attend college, and in his spare time, he worked very diligently to improve his skills.

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Capoeira The Brazilian Martial Art by Gas Terzoulin

Capoeira Dance or fighing?

The Capoeira means ' dance of freedom ' and it first started from African slaves, which tried they protect from aggressive behaviors of other. It differs considerably from each other type of martial art and the movements they are accompanied by possible music of crusts of bodies.

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