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Helio Gracie by Spiros Papavasiliou

Helio Gracie

At the age of 17, Helio first stepped into the ring in Brazil to face a boxer named Antonio Portugal. Helio won in 30 seconds. Helio was the first Jiu-Jitsu master in the western world to fight a Japanese Jiu-Jitsu master: Namiki in 1932. This was the first time he wore a gi during a fight. The fight ended in a draw, giving Helio his first credit as a Jiu-Jitsu master in Japan.

Another amazing performance of Helio was his brilliant fight against Kato, world Jiu-Jitsu vice-champion, at Maracana Stadium which seats 120,000 people. The fight ended…

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Hwang Jang Lee by Jim Down

Hwang Jang Lee

Although Hwang Jang Lee is Korean by birth he was actually born in a small village on the outskirts of Osaka in Japan on December 21, 1944. Hwang studied Taekwondo and boxing from an early age against his parents will and during the seventies acted as martial arts coach to Korean troops stationed in Vietnam.

During his tour of duty as a martial arts instructor in Vietnam a South Vietnamese knife expert challenged him. The challenge was over 30 seconds later. Hwang was the clear winner the opponent laid dead killed by a well-executed round kick…

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Jackie’s star by Spiros Papavasiliou

Hong Kong's favorite son Jackie Chan became the latest entertainer to receive one of Hollywood's most prestigious honors, as he was the 2,205th person to receive a Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, on October 4, 2002, at Hollywood BLVD.

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Jimmy Wang Yu by Jim Down

Jimmy Wang Yu

Jimmy Wang Yu (chin.: Jímǐwángyǔ 吉米王羽) was and is a huge star in Asia. Jimmy has worked magic with very few actual skills. He is fabulous as the one-armed Swordsman. Gossip says that he is the one who faced down the triad guys to save Jackie Chan in the '80s. Born as Wang Zheng-quan (chin.: wángzhèngquán 王正權) on March 28, 1943 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province of China, Jimmy was a former ROC soldier and Hong Kong swimming champion, as well as a racing car enthusiast, before joining Shaw Brothers in 1963. He teamed up with the famous sword-fighting director, Chang…

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