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Chatan Yara by Jim Down


He was one of first in the diffusion and education of karate in the island of Okinawa. Some historians locate their date of birth in year 1668 (and its death in 1746), in Shuri. Other investigators locate it in a later date. Anyway, he is to him to whom must among others, the development of our martial art in the island, and consequently, in the present world.

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Cheng Pei Pei by Jim Down

Cheng Peipei in Lady Hermit

She was the first modern day action film heroine and is revered by many to this day. Though her major films were in the 1960's, she still acts from time to time and just had a major part in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as the evil Jade Fox.

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Cheng Tinghua by Lao Xu Jin

Cheng Tinghua

Cheng Tinghua (also known as Cheng Ying-Fang) (程廷華) was born in 1848 in the Cheng family village, Shen County, Hebei Province. The third of four brothers, Cheng had pock marks on his face when he was young and thus he was known as “third son with pock marks” Cheng. Cheng Tinghua was fond of martial arts and in his youth he gained skill at wielding a 90 kg broadsword and a large heavy staff. When Cheng was still fairly young, he left his hometown and went to Beijing to apprentice with a gentleman who made eyeglasses. Intent on improving his…

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Choi, Yong Sul - Founder of Korean Hapkido by Jim Down

Yong Sul Choi

The history of Korean Hapkido is closely linked with its creator, Korean-born Choi, Yong Sul (1904-1986). Choi's life was heavily influenced by the historical conflicts between Korea and Japan that ravaged Korea in the early to mid-20th century.

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