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Cervus Nippon by Yannis Vassilopoulos

Cervus Nippon

Cervus Nippon ( also known as sika deer horn, velvet antler, lùróng 鹿茸) is referred in the the 3000-year-old book of the "Yellow Dragon" as an aid to boost the will, strengthen the muscles and bones, cure general debility, cure impaired vision,cure impaired hearing, treat rheumatism, osteomyelitis, and delay the onset of senility. For more than 2000 years, a remarkable natural remedy called deer horn has been prized by healers in various cultures around the world. It is used widely in Unani medicine. Deer horn has now become a dietary supplement used to increase muscle strength and endurance, treat sexual…

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Chinese Medicine by Fotopoulou Sophia

In a Chinese Pharmacy

Visiting a Chinese pharmacy in China is much like being inside a miniature museum of natural science. Tucked away in row after row of tidy drawers are animal, plant, and mineral products, each with a particular purpose. Among the assortment of curiosities is amber, to relax the nerves; peach pits and safflower, to improve blood circulation; Chinese ephedra (mahuang) to induce perspiration; and ginseng to strengthen cardiac function.

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Defeating Summer heat by Fotopoulou Sophia

summer sun

A certain level of temparature must be maintained for healthy metabolic functions. When we become overheated, internal "fire" develops and creates a hostile environment, which can result in a host of problems now and for the upcoming winter.

Our body temperature can be affected by what we eat and our current condition. Environmental conditions play a large role, especially in extreme situations. Traditional Chinese Medicine called it "summer heat transformed into fire", when aggravated by extreme summer temperatures. Symptoms of this consist of thirst, fever, burning sensation, irritability, heavy sensation of head and or body, vertigo,…

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Echinacea by George Delis


This daisy family herb, Echinacea angustifolia, is the best-known herb for immune booster and cold and sore throat medicine in North America. Because it boosts immune function and activates phagocytosis, Echinacea may help to fight cold, flu, and other illnesses and inflammation caused by a variety of infectious bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, heal wounds, and relieve of swellings or pains. Currently, Echinecea is one of the most popular herbs in US and Europe.

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