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Hans Zimmer by Gus Leous

Hans Zimmer

German born Hans Zimmer is a pioneer in the use of digital synthesizers, advanced computer technology, electronic keyboards and their successful integration with the traditional orchestra in music for film and television.

Moving to London, Hans began composing jingles for "Air Edel Associates" and teamed up with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes as "The Buggles" to produce the worldwide hit, Video Killed the Radio Star and subsequent album The Age of Plastic.

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History of Classic Guitar by Gus Leous


Ancient Near East

It is believed that the history of the guitar began in the ancient Near East. There, the archeologists found instruments and representations of them that served as landmarks or guideposts in the relatively uncharted territory of the guitar's beginning.
Among the artifacts excavated from Babylonia, the most relevant were the clay plaques dated (1900-1800 B.C.). These showed nude figures playing musical instruments, some of which bear a general resemblance to the guitar. Close examination of the instrument on the plaque shows it to have a distinctly differentiated body and neck. Its back…

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Jean Michel Jarre by Gus Leous

Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre is born on August 24th, 1948, in Lyon. He is the son of the famous soundtrack composer, Maurice Jarre (Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zivago, Dead poets society).

His mother, France P?jot was member of the French Resistance during WWII, she has been deported in Ravensbruck in 1945 from where she escaped and came back in France on the roof of a train. When Jarre is 7, his parents get divorced and his father moved definitively to the States. After that, Jarre has grown up alone with his mother, living in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

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Louis Armstrong by Fotopoulou Sophia

Louis Armstrong, 1901-1971

There are memories from childhood that follow you for the rest of your life. I still remember that summer day, which the Great King of Jazz.... died, on July 6 1971.

The Jazz story
The music called "Jazz" was born sometime around 1895 in New Orleans. It combined elements of Ragtime, marching band music and Blues. What differentiated Jazz from these earlier styles was the widespread use of improvisation, often by more than one player at a time. Jazz represented a break from Western musical traditions, where the composer wrote a piece of music on…

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