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Massive Attack by Mala Matina

Massive Attack

Massive Attack is the music band from Bristol, England that skillfully playing and experiment with the sound, while attributed to trip-hop music exceptional hearings, giving a boost to the audience senses as well as to each reputation.

The band began in the mid-1980s, as part of the “Wild Bunch” Sound System, a group of DJs and engineers that contributing and working together as one, often playing and producing one particular kind of music. In the beginning, the core of the group “Massive Attack” consisted of three members, the English artist and musician Rober Del Naja, also known…

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Music Therapy by Fotopoulou Sophia

Listening to favourite music can be a great way to unwind. But the soothing and therapeutic properties of music can do more than just help you relax at the end of a busy day. Music therapy is a branch of health care dedicated to the use of music for emotional, physical, functional, and educational improvement in a broad range of settings.

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Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840) by Gus Leous

Nicolo Paganini

Nicolo Paganini was born in Genoa, Italy, Oct 27, 1782. He was one of six children born to Teresa and Antonio Paganini. He was an Italian violinist and a composer, considered by many as the greatest of all time.

He received music lessons from his father before he was 6 years old and later from the best instructors in Genoa. He began to perform in public and composed his first sonata in 1790. In 1795 he went to Parma, Italy to study but the teachers there told him they could do nothing more for him. He then…

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Pass the Flame by Fotopoulou Sophia

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"Pass the Flame" - "Na to Fos", Is The Official Song of the Olympic Torch Relay 2004

The first Torch Relay in the history of the Olympic Games with the catchword "Our flame unites the world" as any other torch relay has her own song.

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