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Barry White by Gus Leous

Say the name Barry White and you'd be hard pressed to follow it with name of a recording artist who has such a huge, cross-sectional following. He's at home appearing on Soul Train, guesting with a full band on The Today Show, and appearing in cartoon form in various episodes of The Simpsons.

During the '70s, Dinah Shore devoted a full hour of her daily syndicated Dinah! show to White. While there was a period where Barry White wasn't releasing records or making the pop charts, he did stay active touring and appearing on other artists'…

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Bouzouki, A Greek Folk Instrument by Fotopoulou Sophia

The bouzouki is a stringed instrument, which belongs to the family of the long-necked lutes. Instruments of a similar shape can be found in Pre-Hellenic civilizations (Egypt, Assyria, China, India). In ancient Greece, the same instrument was known under the name "pandouris", and from Byzantium onwards, it became known as the "tambouras". On display in the National Archaeological Museum of Greece is the tambouras of General Makriyiannis, hero of the 1821 Greek revolution. This tambouras bears the main morphological characteristics of the bouzouki used by the rebetes.

The bouzouki has a pear-shaped sound-box and a fretboard of…

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Chinese Music Instruments by Fotopoulou Sophia

In China, music instruments are classified according to the material, not according to the generated sound or the construction method like in the West. Traditionally, eight different types of instruments exist. Already during the late Warring States period, but especially during Han Dynasty, the theory of the Five Phases or Elements (wuxing) and correlation of beings and appearances was very popular. The correlation also includes music instruments. Bamboo flutes are used when the spring begine, summer is the time of string instruments (silk), bronze bells are the instruments of the autumn, and in wintertime, drums are sounding.

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Closer - Suddenly Comes… by Gus Leous


John Verve: Classic and electric guitars
Vag Elis: Bass, Vocals
Taz Papastamou: Electric and acoustic violin
Costas Peroglou: Drums
John Camp: Vocals
Aris Christou: Production, Sound engineering, effects

Rock group with a violin player who in the age or 24 has accomplished to perform with the Greek National Radio and Television Organization Symphonic Orchestra. Greek Band whose sixth member is a group / sound engineer with an endless flow of ideas and challenging imagination. Young band making audience and critics rave with its every live performance and release. A band without a…

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