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The Story of Vimanas by Lobsan Payat

The chariot had all necessary equipment. It could not be conquered by gods or demons, and it radiated light and reverberated with a deep rumbling sound. It's beauty captivated the minds of all who beheld it. Visvakarma, the lord of design and construction, had created it by the power of his austerities, and it's form

Source by Dr. Srikumar V. Gopalakrishna

There are many stories in medieval Indian literature about flying machines. Thus in Bana's Harsa-carita there is the story of a Yavana who manufactured an aerial machine that was used to kidnap a king.

Likewise, Dandl's Avanti-sundar tells of an architect named Mandhata who used an aerial car for such casual purposes as traveling from a distance to see if his young son was hungry. His son, by the way, was said to have created mechanical men that fought a mock duel and an artificial cloud…

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Toque blanche by Jim Down

Chef's hat

The chef's hat, or toque blanche (French for "white hat"), dates back to the 16th century when hats were common in many trades. Different heights of hats indicate rank within a kitchen. The symbolism of the folded pleats of the toque are now said to represent that many different ways a chef knows to cook an egg. The traditional hat or toque is probably the most distinguishing and recognisable of Chef’s uniform and probably also causes the most debate. Chefs as far back as the 16th century are said to have worn them. One story has it that it originated…

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Vedic philosophy of Nikola Tesla by Lobsan Payat

Nikola Tesla

"The first thing to realize about the ether is its absolute continuity. A deep sea fish has probably no means of apprehending the existence of water; it is too uniformly immersed in it: and that is our condition in regard to the ether."

Sir Oliver Lodge, Ether and Reality

Nikola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any location. His concepts during the following years were greatly influenced by the…

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Venerable Bede by Mark Bond

Venerable Bede translating John by J.D.Penrose

A hymn of glory let us sing;
New songs throughout the world shall ring:
Christ, by a road before untrod,
Now rises to the throne of God.

Within the walls of the imposing Norman Cathedral of Durham lies the simple tomb of a Christian monk who has earned the title as "Father of English History."

Bede was a monk at the English monastery of Wearmouth and Jarrow, in Northumbria. From the age of seven, he spent all his life at that monastery except for a few brief visits to nearby sites.…

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