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Plotinus by Arthur Sigurssen

Plotinus 205-270

"And we must consider that humans have forgotten That which from the beginning, and now still, they want and long for. For everything reaches out to That and longs for It by necessity of nature, as if divining by instinct that it cannot exist without It."

Plotinus was a Roman philosopher and the originator of neoplatonism. Plotinus was born in Asyut, Egypt, though his education and cultural background were completely Greek. In 232 he went to Alexandria and studied with the philosopher Ammonius Saccas (who flourished in the 1st half of 3rd century) for ten years and…

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Quantic Physics A New Philosophy by Gas Terzoulin

Universe1 (12k image)

The intrinsic power of this physics is considerable. It has potential to be used by nuclear physicists, atomic physicists, material physicists and even astrophysicists. To date, no experiment has come to contradict its predictions, strange though they are . . .

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The Questions of King Menander by Fotopoulou Sophia

Menander is a outstanding figure both in political history and in the history of Buddhism also. He held a colloquy with a Nagasena, which is recorded in the MilindaPanha or The Questions of King Menander (Milinda).

The king seems to have been not only outstanding as a soldier but also to have had ability and training in philosophy. According to the MilindaPanha, he invited many personalities in the world of religion to a debate, and vanquished them, afterwards sighing, "No one speaking for religion can defeat me in argument; alas for the world!" The debate with…

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