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Why do we sleep? by Fotopoulou Sophia

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After five decades of research, even the most gifted scientist on the planet, cannot explain why people sleep.

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World?s smallest microchain drive fabricated at Sandia

A microchain that closely resembles a bicycle chain except that each link could rest comfortably atop a human hair has been fabricated at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories.

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Your Computer Could be Making You Sick by Nick Costis

Your Computer Could be Making You Sick

New research presented in the Sept. 15 edition of Environmental Science & Technology, a journal of the American Chemical Society, suggests that emission from the plastic of you computer monitor just might be affecting your health.

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Zakariya al-Razi by Ali Argis

Abu Bakr Mohammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi (864-930 A.D.)

Abu Bakr Mohammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi (864-930 A.D.) was born at Ray, Iran, Initially, he was interested in music but later on he learnt medicine, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and philosophy from a student of Hunayn Ibn Ishaq, who was well versed in the ancient Greek, Persian and Indian systems of medicine and other subjects.

He also studied under Ali Ibn Rabban. The practical experience gained at the well-known Muqtadari Hospital helped him in his chosen profession of medicine. At an early age he gained eminence as an expert in medicine and alchemy, so that patients and…

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