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Becoming a Boddhisattva by Fotopoulou Sophia

A Bodhisattva Statue at the Borobudur Temple

Often, when we talk about bodhisattvas, we immediately think of the clay or wooden statues that we pay our respects to in temples, or we conjure up images of paintings or sculptures we have seen of these enlightened individuals. To most people, we think of bodhisattvas as deities who have many supernatural powers and are mystical, beyond our range of vision. We think of bodhisattvas as beings who have the Midas touch, are able to command the wind and rain, and can bestow wealth upon us. Actually, bodhisattvas are not deities that sit above us or beyond our comprehension; the…

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Bhagavad Gita and Management (I) by Bhattathiri

Krishna instructs Arjuna

Mind is very restless, forceful and strong, O Krishna, it is more difficult to control the mind than to control the wind ~ Arjuna to Sri Krishna

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Bhagavad Gita and Management (II) by Bhattathiri

Krishna instructs Arjuna

Manager's mental health

Sound mental health is the very goal of any human activity - more so management. Sound mental health is that state of mind which can maintain a calm, positive poise, or regain it when unsettled, in the midst of all the external vagaries of work life and social existence. Internal constancy and peace are the pre-requisites for a healthy stress-free mind.

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Buddhist cosmology by Yin Zhuo

Buddhist cosmology - ( Image by Dr. Blog )

What is cosmology? The dictionary defines it as a branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, processes and structure of the universe.

This may sound like a rather formidible definition, whose exploration has little relevance to the problems we encounter in everyday life. Actually, the opposite is true, since an understanding of the workings of the universe and the cosmic laws that are involved in its unfolding pattern can provide us insignificant humans with precious guidance. If we are wise enough to follow this guidance we may avoid the bad decisions that can lead to undesirable…

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