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The Process of Creative Thinking by Fotopoulou Sophia

Every single moment we create, each of us our entire life sends out thoughts, feelings, emotions, prayers or declarations out to our living environment, which become the energy weavings of the Universe.

We can send out new thoughts that might change the energy patterns, or repeat old thoughts that will recreate more of the old energy forms, or we may be influenced by the ideas and emotions of others and help so reinforce their energy patterns. We are not only sending energy, but also, at the same time, we are receiving the energy of the thoughts…

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The Shaman’s Way by Fotopoulou Sophia

The word "shaman" (pronounced SHAH-MAN) has become a new age catchword, used by many but understood by few. Originally, it comes from the Evinki people of Siberia, and literally means "the one who knows." Today, in the western world, some mean that a shaman is any kind of native medicine man or woman, while others think it is anyone with a strong personality and an intense stare. But, in fact, a shaman is defined by the way she or he works. Quite simply, a shaman is a woman or man who changes his or her state of consciousness, at will,…

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Tracing the Buddhist Path by Fotopoulou Sophia

Translations of the oldest existing Buddhist writings are changing how scholars believe the religion developed. Nineteen-hundred-year-old manuscripts from the Gandhara region offer a rare glimpse of the religion as it expanded from its native India around the first century C.E.

Written in the language called Gandhari, the texts are adding a new dimension to the Buddhist canons of ancient Sanskrit and the living traditions of Pali, Chinese, and Tibetan. A team of linguists and historians at the University of Washington are reconstructing these texts in an NEH-supported project with the British Library.

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Ven. Shi Yongxin by Lao Xu Jin

Venerable Master Shi Yongxin

Becoming an abbot at the age of 22, earlier than any other monastery head in China, Venerable Master Shi Yongxin has constantly caused people to re-evaluate their traditional notions about Shaolin Buddhist monks with his business-minded transformation of the Shaolin temple and its Martial arts (wugong), and promotion of Buddhism throughout the world over the past two decades. In 1987, former Abbot of the Temple, Venerable Master Shi Xingzheng, passed away. Since then Shi Yongxin, who had joined the temple only six years before, has adopted the long robes and bowl of the venerable abbot, and stepped up to the…

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