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Lilies of the field by Fotopoulou Sophia


I'm a novelist. My work is human nature. Real life is all I know. Don't ever confuse the two, your life and your work. You will walk out of here this afternoon with only one thing that no one else has. There will be hundreds of people out there with your same degree; there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you will be the only person alive who has sole custody of your life.

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Managing Time by Fotopoulou Sophia

Many "stressed out" people are not poor time managers, simply, they are overloaded with commitments and responsibilities. In this case stress arises from an overbooked schedule or a greater number of responsibilities than one can reasonably handle.

Perhaps, all of us recognize the signs of "responsibility overload" in our own schedule. Despite a major upcoming deadline and long hours, you find yourself agreeing to organize the office holiday party. Although your afternoons are already packed, you end up coaching your son's soccer team. Most of us know the feeling of wondering why we ever agreed to…

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Pain… What Pain? by Fotopoulou Sophia

It's been said that the sensation of pain is one memory our brains forget. But, what is pain? The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage." By definition, then, pain is a personal experience.

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Reality… by Fotopoulou Sophia

The reality you see is interpreted by your thoughts.
What you think creates the reality you see.
You are the creator of your universe,
And, we are the creators of the universe.

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