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Aruba by Efi Antoniou


In the language of the original inhabitants "Aruba" means "Shell island". The Spanish discovered Aruba in 1499. The island is located 30 kilometers off the Venezuelan coast and has been under Dutch ruling since 1636. The sun always shines and the air and water temperatures are pleasantly warm. It lures everyone with its clear turquoise blue waters and invites you to enjoy numerous sporting activities, breathtaking landscapes and the colonial ambience it has to offer.

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Attalia by Mala Matina


Antalya is a major city of Turkey's Golden Coast. It is a land of history, sun and sea with 300 days a year of sunshine. Not only the city but the surroundings are splendid. The name Antalya derives from the ancient city of Attalia founded by the Pergamene King Attalos II Philadelphus, who founded the city on the Pamphylian seacoast around 150 BC Paleolithic finds discovered in the nearby Karain and Beldibi caves and early Bronze age finds discovered at Semah?y?k show that settlement of Antalya and its environs stretches back to the dawn of humanity.

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Bali Island by George Delis

Bali is kind to inexperienced travelers, and those who wish to try a trekking holiday for the first time would do well to start here. Most of the local people have at least a limited knowledge of English, low cost accommodation is plentiful, transport is reliable, the food is generally very good, and safe drinking water is always available

Almost the entire island of Bali is ready and waiting for visitors from around the world--from the densely populated resort areas of the south, to the cool central mountain highlands and the spectacular eastern coastal areas. The best…

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Bangladesh by Efi Antoniou

Bangladesh air view

Bangladesh, in full, People's Republic of Bangladesh, republic of southern Asia, in the north-eastern portion of the Indian subcontinent, bordered on the west, north, and east by India, on the south-east by Myanmar (Burma), and on the south by the Bay of Bengal. The area of the country is 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq mi).

Hiding behind the cyclones and floods is a strikingly lush and beautiful land with a rich history and a variety of attractions unusual for a country this size. For a start, you can visit archaelogical sites dating back over 2000 years;…

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