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Artificial mouth by Jim Down

Artificial mouth

PhD student at the University of Missouri Columbia, Seo-Jing Chung, is using an artificial "mouth" to test ice-cream flavours.

This mouth, made of glass, is fed ice cream - and then an enzyme is added which acts in the same way as human saliva, while a piece of moving metal imitates the actions of the tongue.

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Bigfoot - Gigantopithecus Blacki by Jim Down

picture of a white Bigfoot like creature sighted often in Fort Worth, Texas in 1969

Isn't it arrogant of us to assume we know of all the species on our planet? Only a few years ago, a unknown animal now named the Okapi was discovered. What about creatures we know of, but are thought to be extinct? The coelacanth was thought to be extinct for 70 million years until they were discovered alive and well in 1938.

So is it really that hard to believe that a hair covered, man-like creature could exist on the verge of discovery? In many remote areas of the world there have been sightings of just…

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Cutty Shark by Mala Matina

On 23rd November, 1869, at the Dumbarton yard of Scott and Linton, the 963 ton "Cutty Sark" slid into the Clyde for the first time to become a legend. She was a small ship, only 212 feet long, with a 36 feet beam and a depth of 21 feet, but with a large spread of sail, she was, with the "Thermopylae",the fastest ship that moved through water powered by sail alone.The sail plan, designed by John Rennie, gave her 32,000 square feet of sail capable of attaining a speed of over 17 knots, equivalent to an engine of 3,000 hp.

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Ghosts by Liz Heart

The ghost - ( Image compiled by Dr. Blog )

I am not going to attempt to convince you that ghosts are real. Let's face it, regardless of what I (or other people say), most people will remain skeptical until they personally experience something of a paranormal (meaning outside of the normal experience) or unexplained nature.

Skepticism is a good thing. To blindly accept without thinking or questioning can lead someone into the nether regions of reason. Yet when someone goes to the point of refusing to accept that there are still unexplained "things" in this Universe, then they limit themselves for human-kind definitely does not…

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