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The Red Arrows by Fotopoulou Sophia

Aerobatics have always played a prominent part in Royal Air Force pilot training. The RAF has long recognised the great value of display flying in pilot training as well as for prestige and recruiting purposes. The standard of its aerobatic teams has always been of the highest.

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Tui Na - Chinese Massage Therapy by Jim Down

tuina pressure

Tuina is a comprehensive system of therapeutic massage and passive/active joint restoration. Is an Oriental Bodywork Therapy that uses the traditional Chinese medical theory of the flow of Qi through the meridians as its basic therapeutic orientation. Through the application of massage and manipulation techniques Tuina seeks to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi through the system of channels and collaterals, allowing the body the naturally heal itself.

Tuina dates back to the Shang Dynasty of China, 1700 B.C. Oracle bones show that tuina massage was used to treat children's diseases and digestive complaints in adults.…

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Universal Feng Shui by Lao Long

Earth and Water - ( Image by Dr. Blog )

The Roots of our Nature

With so much media attention, you have probably heard of Feng Shui. However, with your predominately English-speaking ears, it is likely that the Chinese concepts are as hard for you to grasp, as they are to pronounce.

Do you want greater Health, Wealth & Happiness, along with a more beautiful home or functional office? When we align our environments according to the natural laws, we also benefit from their perfection. Our homes and offices either support our full potential, create limiting blocks, or keep us from moving either…

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Yoga The Art Of Breathe by Gas Terzoulin

Yoga And Relaxation

Lights of room they lower, the intensity of music it is increased and the program yoga it begins. Rhythmical breathings in combination with concrete static and dynamic exercises aim in the completed training of muscular system also practiced in the acquisition of mental balance.

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