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Andrea Bocelli by Dimitris Katakalaios

Andrea Bocelli

Born on September 22nd, 1958, Andrea grew up on the family farm in Lajatico, a close knit farming community set among the vineyards and olive groves of rural Tuscany. The farm includes a small vineyard, from which Andrea's father, Sandro, still produces a small quantity of "Chianti Bocelli."

Displaying rare musical gifts from an early age, Andrea's parents nurtured and encouraged his talents with formal piano lessons from the age of six, later learning to play both flute and saxophone. Andrea's love of opera was also apparent from an early age, and he feels he was…

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Bai Juyi by Jim Down

Bai Juyi

Following the Yellow River westward from Zhengzhou, you arrive in Luoyang, which is also one of the seven major ancient Chinese capitals. With a history of over 4,000 years, Luoyang boasts such historical sites as the Longmen Grottoes, the White Horse Temple, the Museum of Ancient Tombs, and the Bai Garden.

The Bai Garden, Bai Yuan, refers to the mausoleum of Bai Juyi, an outstanding poet of the Tang Dynasty who lived between 772 and 846. Bai Juyi led a miserable life in his early days, became an official later, but was dismissed from his post…

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Beijing Opera by Efi Antoniou

Beijing Opera (jingju) is one of China's most recent theatrical forms, although it draws from a tradition extending back at least as far as the twelfth century, when opera was performed in the huge public theaters of Hangzhou, then capital of the Southern Song dynasty (1179-1276). The most popular theatrical form at the time was the southern play (nanxi) in which the dialogue, written in rhymed verse, was either sung or spoken.

The three extant southern play scripts, composed by anonymous writing societies, have no internal divisions, such as acts or scenes, and, according to contemporaneous…

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Bernardo Bertolucci by Gus Leous

Bernardo Bertolucci

Known both for sweeping epics and for helping to bring eroticism into general release with Last Tango in Paris, Bernardo Bertolucci is one of the pre-eminent international directors of the latter half of the twentieth century.

The son of poet, film critic, and anthologist Attilio Bertolucci, he was born on March 16, 1940 in Parma. Surrounded by an atmosphere of comfort and intellectualism, Bertolucci began making 16 mm films as a teenager.

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