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Spencer Tracy by Gus Leous

Spencer Tracy

Universally regarded among the screen's greatest actors, Spencer Tracy was a most unlikely leading man. Stocky, craggy-faced, and gruff, he could never be considered a matinee idol, yet few stars enjoyed greater or more consistent success.

An uncommonly versatile performer, his consistently honest and effortless performances made him a favorite of both audiences and critics throughout a career spanning well over three decades.

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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy by Fotopoulou Sophia

Stan Laurel
(1890 - 1965)
Occupation: Actor
Also: Screenwriter, vaudevillian, producer
Born As: Arthur Stanley Jefferson
Born: June 16, 1890, Ulverston, England
Died: 1965

Oliver Hardy
(1892 - 1957)
Known as: Babe Hardy, Oliver Norvell Hardy
Occupation: Actor, comedian
Born As: Norvell Hardy
Born: January 18, 1892, Harlem, GA
Died: 1957
Education: Georgia Military College; Atlanta Conservatory of Music

No one has brought the world more laughter than the comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Nor is anyone…

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Tabla by Dimitris Katakalaios

All over the world, archaeologists list simple idiophones as the first prehistoric musical instruments. This includes rattles, scrapers, and bone flutes. The Neolithic strata contain slit drums, flutes (with holes), shell trumpets, and musical bows. The Palaeolithic strata yield basket rattles, xylophones, and flutes, friction sticks.

These early instruments, at least the instruments that survived, often resemble tools that early society utilized. In India, the doddu rajan, found among the Savaras, resembles a fire-producing implement (a tool to create heat by friction). This type of scraper, also found as the kokara among the Palayans of Kerala…

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Tango the Dance That Express The Sorrow Of The Poor by Gas Terzoulin

Dance the way to express our feelings, emotions. As everybody knows music and dancing, from the ancient years, is the human way to express love, aggressive, freedom to other people or to the God that every culture has . . .

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