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The Legend of the White Snake by Spiros Papavasiliou

Xu Xian lent Lady White his umbrella (Yangliuqing woodcut painting)

This is a love story about a man and a white snake. The first short tale was found during the Tang Dynasty (618 AD). That's a cautionary, vigilant and tragic story of a man in love with a lady in white. The scenes of West Lake and Thunder Pagoda were added and the central theme was established during the Song Dynasty (960 AD). The entire story was completed during the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD). It was rewritten to beautify characters in some episodes in Ching Dynasty (1644 AD). Today this so popular story was moved not only to Chinese opera,…

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The Marx Brothers by Dimitris Katakalaios

The Marx Brothers

The mother of the Marx Brothers came from Germany. She was born in Dornum on Nov 9, 1864, her name was Miene Schonberg. He brother Abraham Elieser Adolf is born on May 14, 1868, he later became known as the comedian Al Sheen.

In 1880 the family came to the United States. Grandfather Levy, an umbrella maker who had worked as a ventriloquist and grandmother Fanny who played the harp, and with them came some of their eight surviving children.

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The Nicholas Brothers by Fotopoulou Sophia

The Nicholas Brothers

Fayard and Harold Nicholas, whose careers span more than six decades, make up one of the most beloved dance teams in the history of dance - the Nicholas Brothers.

On October 20, 1914, two college-educated musicians, Viola and Ulysses Nicholas, welcomed their first child, Fayard, into the world. By the age of three, Fayard enjoyed nothing more than sitting in the audience of the black vaudeville theater where his parents performed, enraptured by the great performers on stage. He fell in love with everything about show business, and when the Nicholases added a second son to…

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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Part I by George Delis

Map with the locations of the seven wonders of the ancient world

The list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was originally compiled around the second century BC. The first reference to the idea is found in History of Herodotus as long ago as the 5th century BC. Later, Greek historians wrote about the greatest monuments at the time. Callimachus of Cyrene (305BC-240BC), Chief Librarian of the Alexandria Mouseion, wrote "A Collection of Wonders around the World". All we know about the collection is its title, for it was destroyed with the Alexandria Library.

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