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‘The Da Vinci Code’ by George Delis

CONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) -- When Dan Brown was about 10, he found a poem under the Christmas tree that led him to a certain location in the house. Then he found an index card with a big letter "E" and another poem, which led elsewhere.

Eventually, he and his sister rounded up a group of letters -- E-C-O-P-T -- which they rearranged to spell Epcot, as in Epcot Center. A trip to the Disney theme park was their parents' Christmas gift to them. After that, treasure hunts became a tradition every Christmas -- and Brown…

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Arthur Ransome - code S76 of the British Intelligence by Jim Down

Arthur Ransome

Arthur Ransome was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England on January 18, 1884. His father Cyric was a history professor and a great lover of nature. As a child, Arthur spent much of his vacation in sailing, camping and exploring the countryside in England's Lake Country near Lake Coniston and Lake Windermere. His poor vision, lack of athletic skills and poor academic performance left him with some unhappy memories of his school experiences.

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Asians in Britain by Mala Matina

Rozinas book

AN OLD slogan in anti-racist movements in Britain is "we're over here because you were over there". Rozina Visram shows how true that is. From the beginning, Asian migration to Britain is entwined with the way Britain established and built its empire. Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter for trade to the Governor and Company of Merchants of London in 1600, founding the East India Company. And it was the company's ventures which sparked the first movement of people between South Asia and Britain.

The first recorded case of an Indian being christened here was bound…

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Edgar Allan Poe by Gus Leous

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, son of Actress Eliza Poe and Actor David Poe Jr., born 19th of January 1809, was mostly known for his poems and short tales and his literary criticism. He has been given credit for inventing the detective story and his pshycological thrillers have been infuences for many writers worldwide.
Edgar and his brother and sister were orphaned before Edgar's third birthday and Edgar was taken in to the home of John and Fanny Allan in Richmond, Va

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