A pioneering effort of a Sri Lankan film director to enlighten the audience on the true tenets of Buddhism. This project is awaiting funding from prospective investors.

"It doesn't matter who you have been, who you are, or who you hope to be; if you have been born and you know that death awaits you as you partake in this journey, then this project is for you....."

Since the dawn of the twentieth century and all the scientific developments that took place, the gravity of the Buddha’s philosophy became evident when other religions were being brought into the spotlight of dogma. Cinematic works such as ‘Little Buddha’ by Bernado Bertolucci was the result of the acceptance of this, otherwise strictly oriental wisdom, by the West and other parts of the world.

But we believe, that there have been hardly any movies that touch upon the core tenets of Buddhism rather than just the life of the Buddha as a story. Sudath Mahaadivulwewa, the script writer of ‘Marananussathi’, wrote the script to fill that void. He is a young talented director with an avid interest in Buddhism and meditation. He currently lives in Sri Lanka.

Teaching of the core concepts of Buddhism has become more important today than in the past and more so for the future, and we believe that the audio-visual medium is the most expressive and provocative of all media that can undertake such a task. “Marananussathi was therefore written to help its audience to see where the Buddha is pointing to.”

The story deals with the life of a small monk as he learns the ideals of Buddhism from his master. Marananussathi is simply a meditation based on the contemplation of death and impermanence. The little monk learns about it the hard way after being orphaned from the death of his mother, the only living being that was most close to him. With the guidance of his master, he learns to control his flickering mind and learns about the true nature of things. The story is innately entwined with the beauty of nature.