Massive Attack

Massive Attack is the music band from Bristol, England that skillfully playing and experiment with the sound, while attributed to trip-hop music exceptional hearings, giving a boost to the audience senses as well as to each reputation.

The band began in the mid-1980s, as part of the “Wild Bunch” Sound System, a group of DJs and engineers that contributing and working together as one, often playing and producing one particular kind of music. In the beginning, the core of the group “Massive Attack” consisted of three members, the English artist and musician Rober Del Naja, also known by the pseudonymous “3D”, Grant Marshall, also known as “Daddy G” and Andrew Vowles or “Mushroom”, as well as the occasional companion “Tricky”, an English rapper and musician whose real name is Adrian Thaws.

Massive Attack, have released four studio albums, two movie soundtracks, one remix album as well as a greatest hits collection. As for their musical style, has been acclaimed that piece together elements of jazz, rock, hip-hop, electronic and classical music in successful combinations. The music group managed to surprise the audience with its uniqueness that accomplish firstly by experimenting with the sound and secondly by working with a diverse variety of artist, from Madonna to Sinead O’ Connor and from Sahara Nelson to the reggae star Horace Andy.

“Any Love” was their first single that released in 1988, followed 3 years later their first album by the title “Blue Lines”, including two of their classic songs, “Daydreaming” and the “Unfinished Sympathy” one of the best songs of all time. The album was well received commercially and critically, granted Massive Attack with the reputation of good music.

Their follow up released in 1994 by the title “Protection”, where the Scottish composer Craig Armstrong participated with two string instrumentals. This album was the last collaboration of Tricky who decided to work exclusively with his solo career as a rapper. 

Two years later, in 1996, the band won a “BRIT Award” (the annual pop music awards of England) for the “best dance act”, while in 1998 made their third album “Mezzanine”. Their third work marked a change in their sound; tend to darker, tense hearings that combined with drum machines and distorted guitars. The change of the sound found Vowels Andrew opposed, to the effect that he left the band. Vowels Andrew replaced by Neil Davidge a musician who actually worked for much of the material of “Mezzanine”.

In early 2003, Massive Attack released the “100th Window”, their fourth album -which recorded without Marshall Grant “Daddy G”- that entered the Top10 in the UK chart.

After Marshall’s withdraw, the band consisted of Dela Naja, Neil Davidge and the programmer Alex Swift. Together they worked for the instrumental soundtrack of the film “Danny the Dog”, that released in 2004 and in 2005 for the soundtrack of the film “Bullet Boy”, while they compiled the “Collected”, a greatest hits collection that released in 2006.