Paris Polyphylla

The herb comes also with the names Rhizoma Paridis , Paris Polyphylla Smith var. chinensis (French) Hare (chin.: hua chong lou 華重樓), Paris polyphylla Smith (chin.: qi ye yi zhi hua 七葉一枝花). It belongs to trilliaceae family. Polyphylla is broad-leaved translates to “many leaves “many(poly) leaves(phyla) and is justified by its shape. It is a perennial plant that has a preference to woodlands, forests, bamboo forests, thickets, grassy or rocky slopes and streamside. The altitude ranges from 100 to 3500meters in western China. It is met in East Asia, China and Himalayas. The plant can reach up to 1m height. It brings hermaphrodite flowers (both male and female) but it is not self fertile. They bloom from July to August.