A cruise on the Nile

Between Luxor the capital of the south and Aswan you can cruise the Nile with breathtaking views of the Egyptian countryside. Nile Exploration offer luxurious cruises on the Nile and Lake Nasser, visiting the magnificent temples, tombs and monuments of Ancient Egypt.

Since the northern parts of Egypt have become a little risky for tourists the Nile cruises start in Luxor. After settling down in your luxurious cabin on your cruise ship, allow plenty of time to explore the Karnak temple which lies at the bank of the river.

Enter through rows of stone rams into the forest of 134 stone columns all covered with filigreed reliefs. In ancient times this hall has been covered and would have been large enough to build the whole of Notre Dame in it.

During the reigns of the XIX Dynasty this was home of up to 82,000 people. In the evening there are wonderful light shows and the former glory of the ruins come to life again. Visit the markets and find some exciting souvenirs, but don’t forget to bargain hard. It’s a national sport and people will be offended if you don’t do it!

It would take hours to tell you about all the exiting places you are going to visit during the next few days. The ship itself offers enough of luxurious entertainment. In the afternoon relax on the sundeck with a cup of English tea and biscuits and think about Egypt’s rich history. When northern Europe still lay in the dawn of civilisation and primitive cults where worshiped, the kingdoms of Egypt had already developed a highly skilled society. The life as we know it started in Africa, here are our roots, here we may find answers to our questions that guide us to tomorrow.

“Modern” Egypt is definitely a third world country. People are poor and that makes them vulnerable to Islamic extremists, but yet you will find hospitality everywhere. Just keep in mind that you are in an Islamic country and choose your dress according to this, not to cause offence! Slowly gliding downstream watch the daily life of people unfold on the banks of the river. Don’t stick to your schedule but allow yourself a stroll through the narrow lanes of the towns you are visiting. Here you will find the true spirit of Egypt.

The valley of kings might be grant but the nearby valley where their workers have been buried is even more exciting. It’s absolutely impossible, even with colour pictures, to describe the splendid colours that await you. Than again the river, banana plantations, little villages and log fires by night. There is nothing compared to the beauty of the night in the desert. The stars are so brilliant that you think you can touch them, the great silence of the desert and the big stream. Feel close to god and find to yourself. If you thought you could never prey, here you will be able to.

When your ship reaches Assuan you will wish never to say goodby. To end your journey with a touch of colonial elegance have a high tea at the “Old Cataract”, the famous, very British hotel, where Agatha Cristy wrote “Death on the Nile”. The terrace is definitely one of my favourite romantic places on this earth!!