Relationship between the artist and his prize

For the last 74 years from the time when the Academy Awards was making it's first steps for recognition with this historic institution until now when the art of making a movie is beyond any imagination, the purpose of every person or team related to this 7th art as it is called is winning the Oscar.

Every year, every new season, every artist begins with a dream. The dream of winning an Oscar.

Most of the movies created every year have this purpose.
Of course behind this innocent as it seems competition there is a fully developed star system that has it’s own purposes and serves special expediencies. However this star system has never embarrassed the institution and in no way reduces its glory.

The show of the shows as it is called brings every year the elite of Hollywood and many more celebrities in one room for the moment of worldwide recognition by one and only performance.
The time for individual and team achievement has come.

Every time that the presenters are saying “...and the Oscar goes to...” has a special meaning.
The winner fills like he’s on the top of the world. We’ve witnessed stars rising after this sentence and stars running after it. We’ve witnessed what greatness is all about by performers trying to win an Oscar and though this never happens.

“When someone doesn’t do something unique then all he’s got to do in order to reach the top is to do it better than anyone else”. Perhaps this adage represents every person or team nominated for an Oscar.

Although we’re not the ones that we’ll be the judges of this statement it’s the only innocent motive that crosses every great performers mind and then of course the money motive follows.

Maybe it’s the only art that doesn’t have an end in itself.


This is a good time to present some of the golden moments of the Academy Awards.
Records have been made in almost every category increasing this competition standard in levels where only the best are good enough.
Of course it’s not possible to refer to every record and unforgettable performance of the Oscars history but some of the probably most unbreakable individual and team achievements will be mentioned.

Individual Achievements:

One of the greatest performers ever has a record for more nominations than every one else. Laurence Olivier has been nominated 9 times and one of them won the Oscar.
The next record is rather unfair but exists showing that only practice is before but and after illumination. Sidney Poitier is the only colored male winning a leading actor’s Oscar.
For some people talent is developed to a skill without great effort.

Although Dustin Hoffman is one of the actors that never went to a dramatic school is one of the few actors that have won twice the Oscar for a leading actor.

Team Achievements:

The art of making a movie takes a number of persons working together. Sometimes this teamwork can have the best results.
“Ben-Hur” had won the most Oscars in history, sweeping most of the major categories raising the number of Oscars to 11. Only recently, in 1997 “Titanic” tied that score, missing however all acting categories.
All kinds of films can offer the same thrill to an audience. However “West side story” is the only musical winning 10 Oscars in combination with great money collection.
The next achievement creates an oxymoron for the reason that it is considered as an achievement showing a great irony for it’s fate. “The color purple” was nominated for 11 Oscars but won non.

People’s favorite, as they were asked to tell the best film they thought, is “Citizen Kane”. Subjective opinions and people’s judgement fortunately or unfortunately don’t count in order to win an Oscar.
Some times quantity and not quality can create a record. In “Gandhi” there were used the most actors in history.
Finally an all time record was established with a great romantic drama film and great performances.
“Gone with the wind” is the movie that most people have ever watched in a cinema theatre.


You may think all the Academy does is giving out their annual awards celebrating achievements in the year’s motion pictures.
But their organization and purpose is far weightier than that. Way back in 1927 the Academy released a statement of their goals: to protect the motion picture industry from attacks on “the good repute of their profession,” to “encourage the improvement and advancement of the arts and sciences of the profession by the interchange of constructive ideas and by awards of merit for distinctive achievement,” and to “promote harmony and solidarity among the membership and among different branches.”

Everyone knows they’ve lived up to their promise to give out awards of merit, but they’ve done everything else they’ve set out to do and more!

The Academy’s offer is indisputable. In times when everything is considered to be a part of a master plan, in times when competition makes objective judgement of the experts most difficult and finally in times when world’s people motives are the result of serving the wrong expediencies then the only thing that leads to real greatness is what is far from everything. That concept is purity. The purity that only an art can offer. Perhaps it’s the only without that Gandhi forgot to tell.

“that we can’t have art without purity”. But then again no concept exists without it’s opposite.