The chapel of Ag.Yakinthos, is built in the shape of a Crete mitato

In the year 98, 12 kilometers south of Anogia in Crete, in the mountainous region of Fourni, the 20-year old "Yakinthos" becames a martyr for the common faith, his love to God!

On July 3, the Cretans celebrate Yakinthos, the Cretan Saint of love, in a very unique way.

The poet, songwriter and singer from Anogia, who they call “Loudovikos from Anogia” wanted to make the history of the young martyr, who superseded his fear in love known to the public. And because 1.900 years have passed since the martyrdom of Yakinthos, he decided to honor the Saint of Love and sing together with him the poetry of love. Thus, Loudovikos along with other spiritual men and artists founded a non profit orientated company, which organizes the Yakinthia festival.

The artistic events, which take place every year in the first week of July at the same place called Fourni and in the Cretan village of Anogia are thus called Yakinthia.

The idea to build a church at the same place came from the Archbishop of Rethymnon, Anthymos, who himself laid down the foundation stone.

The chapel is built in the shape of a Crete “mitato”, a circular building made of flat stones without mortar 1.200 m above sea level. The building was realized after the rules of the Late Minoan architecture with a dome. The inclination starts above 2 meters and leaves a hole of 30 cm at the top. The planning and control was realized by the architect Stavros Vidalis.

Agios Yakinthos