As years pass by,
I stop to think...
What have I done wrong,
Have I done anything worthwhile...
I am not to say,
I am not to judge,
I am the one that goes along with the stream...

Moments, facts, that just happened sometime in one's life might be milestones. These moments might have been important, or not. I'ld like to believe that every sinlge moment is unique, it is precious and all of us must live all of it with joy, happiness, among all our loved ones. Sharing emotions, thoughts, giving away eveything one has is the greatest gift of all. Anniversaries, are there to remind us, make us think of all the good things that have happened to all of us.

Most people like to remember their wedding day by celebrating that day. It might be a good time to reflect and recall all the good and bad things about the marriage during the past years, to take stock of the relationship and to prepare for the years ahead. No relationship is easy. There is a great need for common efford, which must be mutal, in order to build a strong and healthy relationship.

Traditionally, certain materials are associated with particular years of marriage, the theory being that they will replace the wedding gifts as they wear out.

Traditional Wedding Anninersary… gifts…

? First - Cotton
? Second - Paper
? Third - Leather or straw
? Fourth - Silk or flowers
? Fifth - Wood
? Sixth - Iron or Sugar
? Seventh - Wool or copper
? Eighth - Bronze
? Ninth - Pottery
? Tenth - Tin
? Eleventh - Steel
? Twelfth - Silk and fine linen
? Thirteenth - Lace
? Fourteenth - Ivory
? Fifteenth - Crystal
? Twenteth - China
? Twenty-fifth - Silver
? Thirtieth - Pearl
? Thirty-fifth - Coral
? Fourtieth - Ruby
? Forty-fifth - Sapphire
? Fiftieth - Golden
? Fifty-fifth - Emerald
? Sixtieth - Diamond
? Seventy-fifth - Second Diamond