A cab driver idea

Cab driver from Australia it began expedition, in order his country march first in the Olympic Games of Athens, in 2004!

The Australian press adopted this, that him appears as ?good? idea!!!

The Australian press adopted this, that him appears as ?good? idea while it occupies also the two Australian ?immortal?, John Coach and Kevin Gospermeli, members of International Olympic Committee.

It is the Tent Davis, who studying him constitutive map of International Olympic Committee realised that according to their regulations Greece march, always, first at the inaugural ceremony of Olympic Games and the organizing country last.

In Athens however, in 2004, the Greek Olympic team, says Mr Davis, cannot march and first and? finally Mr Davis proposes, therefore, each time where Greece will entertain the Games precedes the parade the country that them had entertained the previous four-year period. In this case, in 2004, the country will be Australia!

Mr Davis sent his proposal in the Australian Olympic Committee, which him answered that it will examine his report, while other Australians that deals with the Olympic movement found the idea of amazing.

He wrote also in the homogenous press calling the community to adopt his proposal and to send relative letters of support in Greece.