Cabo San Lucas

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This area of Mexico offers the modern traveler a unique combination of great climate, upscale activities, unspoiled beauty and incredible cuisine all within close proximity and accessibility to the U.S. Los Cabos, as the whole area is called, is located at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The climate is warm and dry with desert mountains dropping into the deep blue ocean.

There’s no doubt that Cabo is all about the great outdoors. Even if you’re just walking along the beaches to witness the rock formations at Land’s End you’ll still find your pulse racing. But take a big breath in and duck under the waves, because the snorkeling and diving here are excellent. Beginners can test the waters at Roca Pelicano (Pelican Rock), where there’s plenty of tropical fish schooling, and Land’s End, where you can get cosy with sea lions.

For some folk, the only way to really experience sea creatures is on the end of a line, which is why Cabo has a reputation as the marlin fishing destination. There are blue and striped species of the famed game fish, but a few other sea creatures - including tuna, wahoo, sharks, roosterfish and dorado - will be just as keen to tug your line.

From January to March, the gray whale migration makes whale watching possible even from the shore, though there are tour operators who can get you closer to the action. There’s also horseback riding and cycling around the area, including a breathtaking horseback ride up to Faro Viejo to watch the sunset.

The most popular of the town’s beaches is definitely M?dano - its calm waters are perfect for swimming, though you might have to dodge the odd jet ski. The souvenir vendors have worked out that this is the best beach to hawk Day of the Dead dolls, but there are plenty of bars and restaurants in which to give them the slip. This area is definitely the party place in town, so if you’re after peace and tranquility make for the quieter stretch of sand beyond the Club Cascadas.

Exhausting all superlatives, Playa del Amor beach is flanked by towering rocks and has access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Bah?a de Cabos San Lucas. Above the water, the natural rock outcrops and arches at Land’s End are one of Baja California’s trademark landscapes. Under the waves there’s some great snorkeling to be had. Scuba divers can choose between exploring an old shipwreck, coasting over rocky reefs or just hanging out with the playful sea lions that have been known to visit. If you are curious about the underwater world but want to stay dry, there are glass-bottomed boats that leisurely cruise the area.

For fisherfolk Harbor Cabo San Lucas is the gateway to the celebrated ‘Marlin Alley’, but historically this old port was only really a passing-through destination for sailors because of the lack of fresh water. Don’t expect boatloads of marlin because these fish are protected - only one can be caught a day by each boat and any extras must be released. On their way back in most boats fly flags that boast to everyone on the docks about the size of their catch.

Downtown Cabo is the throbbing heart of the party town that draws college kids and high rollers alike. If you’re after a holiday you won’t remember, just check out a few of the bars in this area and you’ll souvenir yourself an unforgettable hangover. With a standout name, El Squid Roe throws on live music for throwing down tequila. If you’re serious about sampling the spirit distilled from the blue agave plant, make a beeline for Pancho’s - it boasts around 400 varieties of the stuff.

If music is more your poison, there’s the perennial Hard Rock Cafe, or try Cabo Wabo Cantina, which sees occasional performances by its owner Sammy Hagar, the less-famous frontman of 1980s guitar gods Van Halen. Cabo’s lone gay and lesbian venue, Rainbow Bar, is on the waterfront with a small dancefloor.