Capoeira Dance or fighing?

The Capoeira means ' dance of freedom ' and it first started from African slaves, which tried they protect from aggressive behaviors of other. It differs considerably from each other type of martial art and the movements they are accompanied by possible music of crusts of bodies.

The program Capoeira is addressed in all ages, independent from the level of their natural situation and it helps practiced to strengthen their muscular system while simultaneously to them is given the possibility of learning the basic beginnings of particular martial art and the methods of self-defense.

The movements that selects the rapporteur in order to he teaches in each course are proportional with the rhythm of music that accompanies the course. The Capoeira is separated in two types: a) in the Angola and b) in the Regional. The second type was developed much later from first.

The Angola includes slow movements, what is realized in the ground. Each participating it waits for patiently his line in order to it executes concrete movements. Practiced wear the usually yellow and black clothes, as well as the same shoes. The Regional is constituted by faster movements of smaller however duration.

These exercises are more dynamic or acrobatic and include a lot of jumps. Participating wait for their turn standing up, striking their hands in the rhythm of music. Their clothes are white.