He was one of first in the diffusion and education of karate in the island of Okinawa. Some historians locate their date of birth in year 1668 (and its death in 1746), in Shuri. Other investigators locate it in a later date. Anyway, he is to him to whom must among others, the development of our martial art in the island, and consequently, in the present world.

He was 12 years old when his uncle, a retailer, convinced the parents of Yara, to sent him to China to study the language and the Chinese culture in genera. As a son of a wealthy family good located in the cut, happens to also have an education in the route of the Martial Arts. In China studied with the teacher Wong Chun Yoh.

Then, Okinawa depended on the cut of China; nevertheless the Chinese had reached an agreement with the Japanese cut to deal in the island. This favored the influence of both nations.

In 1700, he returned to Shuri and began to teach. One of his students was Takahara Peichin who is most famous as the Sensei of the man who later became known as ?Tode? or ?Karate? Sakugawa.

Yara could read and write the Chinese perfectly, reason for which very was occupied working for retailers and officials of the government. He was very solicited by his ability to translate documents and letters.

It made his training in the first hours of the dawn. During the free short whiles, it pleased to walk by the beach. One day, in one of those long walks, heard a heart rendering shout and an order of aid. He saw how a samurai tried to put under a young person. Immediately the teacher took part helping the young person and united to fight the soldier. It was the first time who Yara had to fight by his life, and using an oar (eku-bo) killed the samurai.

After this episode, the young person who had been saved by Yara commented in the town the abilities of the single-breasted uniform jacket and Yara was contracted to teach martial arts to the children of the neighbours of the small village.

This was one of the aspects that lead to the development of karate. The fight to defend of the soldiers samurais who committed upsettings against the people of the okinawanese villages.