Crystal - ( Image compiled by Dr. Blog )

Crystals and gemstones have been eagerly sought after for thousands of years as items of beauty and items of power with mysterious gifts. There are many different ways that crystals and other stones have been used to enhance daily life, healing, promoting spiritual development and for assisting with protection and to draw abundance to enhance meditation, to broadcast affirmations, to assist in psychic and spiritual communication.

The uses of crystals and stones as energy transmitters of spiritual information and vibration are almost unlimited. Each Crystal or stone has a potential of specialized gifts for us. Each can Draw in and radiate healing energy specific to each stone or amplifying spiritual energies. This may be seen as being the elemental energy of the stone itself or as the Spirit essence being, that is the conscious aspect of all stones of a particular kind.

Some people work with crystals as tools to draw in and direct energy in a rather mechanical way as channels of abstract energies. Others may speak with and invoke the stones as spirit entities and some others hold that the effect of a stone to facilitate healing or meditation or other dimensional journeying is a side effect of the actual chemical composition of the particular stone.

Some of us find that any and all ways of defining how or why crystal-healing works are true and will indeed work.

The most important stones in the world

Transparent to opaque, ranging in a variety of beautiful colors. Named after the Achates River in Sicily, now known as the Drillo River, which remains a major source. Highly valued by ancient civilizations; the Egyptians used it prior to 3000 BC. Agate was discovered with the Stone Age man in France 20,000-16,000 BC.

Organic hardened fossilized resin from ancient pine trees, inclusions of small plant and/or animal fossils. Baltic Region. Treasured and used for centuries in jewelry.

Extremely rare and costly. Named after Czar Alexander II of Russia. Discovered in the Ural Mountains on his birthday in 1830.

Most well known and valuable quartz. Promotes transformation and regeneration. Magnifies psychic abilities and right-brain activity. Invites healing, inspiration, intuition, divine love and calm to the wearer. Strengthens immunity, while energizing and purifying the blood. Ancient belief has amethyst wearers unable to become intoxicated. Greek lore notes Bacchus, god of wine, created this beautiful stone. In seeking to avenge an insult it’s told he had a tiger devour the first person he met, which as it turned out was a beautiful maiden named Amethyst. Goddess Diana, attempting to rescue her, was turned into a brilliant white crystal. Full of remorse Bacchus poured wine over the stone maiden, turning her to a lovely violet.

Member of the beryl family. Popular since 400 BC, derived from Latin words meaning sea and water. Believed by the Greeks to hold the essence and spirit of the sea. Wearing the stone protected one from adversities at sea, prevented sea sickness and provided courage and a strong will. To Christians it symbolized harmony, happiness, childhood innocence, youthfulness, and purity. Clears mind, banishes fear, calms nerves. Strengthens liver and kidneys. Promotes self expression and communication.

Composed of quartz and small mica crystals. The Chinese highly prized this stone, held in higher esteem than jade. Green aventurine strengthens one’s blood and muscle tissues. Promotes emotional tranquility and positive attitudes, while relinquishing fear and anxiety.

A member of the chalcedony family known as heliotrope (Greek, meaning sun and turning). Microcrystalline quartz crystals and opal (heliotrope). Varying shades of dark green with red, brown and multicolored spots. The iron minerals cause the deep red/brown color. Spots are said to resemble blood drops.

Quartz family, often mistaken for topaz. The yellow color is from the presence of iron, the darker the color - the higher the grade. This stone has been used in Greece since the Hellenistic age (323 - 283 BC). Citrine is derived from a French word meaning lemon. Worn as a protective talisman and used for medicinal purposes; thought to aid digestion and cleanse toxins from the body. Symbolizes light-heartedness and joy.

Czech Glass
Exquisite cut glass of beautiful colors (rock quartz) produced in the northern portion of the Czech Republic by world renown artisans. Many of their businesses operating today are 100+ years old.

Chromium and vanadium produce their green color. Gem quality rate, considered more valuable than diamonds today. Strengthens wearer’s immune system, heart and liver. Considered to enhance dreams and meditative state. A tonic for the body, spirit and mind, providing insight, love and prosperity.

One of the world’s most ancient gems, treasured for thousands of years. Once thought to cure fever and promote good health. Stimulates bloodstream and pituitary gland. Worn through the ages for protection while traveling. Garnets are said to have been used by Asiatic tribes in place of bullets. Symbolizes fire, faith, courage, truth, grace, compassion, constancy and fidelity. Enhances wearer’s imagination.

Ancient Egyptians used this stone to treat hysteria, reduce inflammation and as ornamental objects placed inside their tombs. Strengthens the body, promotes personal magnetism and optimism. Can prove grounding and resistant to life’s stresses.

Has been referred to as the “water sapphire” due to the blue-violet color. Found in gem gravel beds and usually water-worn. Dependent on the transmitting light through the stone, two or more colors are displayed.

Jaspers are one of the most uniquely patterned minerals available today. Each of the four types which LTOL carries differ dramatically from one another. Heavily pigmented due to colorful minerals. Used for centuries as highly polished carvings, sculpture and ornaments. Leopard - color patterns like no other stone, each bead is unique. Microscopic crystallized quartz (chalcedony) heavily pigmented with colorful minerals. Picture - patterns resemble ocean waves, seascapes or rolling hills. Varying earth tones. Referred to as the “scenic jasper”. Poppy - Rich deep shades of burnt red, brown, and dark gray. Dalmation (this is for you, AbiGator!) - Yes, just like the Dalmatian dog! Light cream with primarily black spots, some tan.

Vivid blue, used since 1300 BC. Used by Egyptians for cosmetics and painting (the first blue eye shadow!) Was believed to be a sacred stone, buried with the dead to protect and guide them in the afterlife. Increases mental clarity, virility, and calm. Opens chakras. Enhances creative self-expression.

Middle ages found malachite worn to protect from black magic and sorcery. A vivid green, used since 4000 BC for jewelry and cosmetics (the first green eye shadow!) Aids in the regeneration of body cells. Creates calm and peace, clears subconscious blocks and aids one’s sleep.

Named for its semblance in color to the moon. Soft milky white with grey or blue iridescence. Most valuable variety of feldspar. Moonstone continues to this day to be considered a sacred stone in India. This stone symbolizes the ancient Third Eye (guards against the Evil Eye) and clarifies spiritual understanding. Used in Roman jewelry since 100 AD.

Stone Known in the trade as Nevada Lapis. A form of chalcedony originating from the Orient.

Pearls (Freshwater)
Symbolizes beauty, purity and wealth. Has sustained its value longer than any other gem, having timeless appeal. Hindu lore speaks of pearls as dewdrops which fell out of the night and into the sea. Cleopatra reportedly dissolved and drank her most cherished pearl in a wine toast to Mark Antony, upon learning he doubted her love.

Once known as Peridot Emeralds, mined on St. John’s Island in the Red Sea in 1300 BC. Greatly prized by Egyptian Kings. Discovered by pirates on island hidden by heavy fog and lost for centuries. Rediscovered in 1900’s. Some, if not all, of Cleopatra’s Emeralds were Peridot. Connected to superstition throughout the ages. Associated with the sun, believed to have power to break evil spells, dispel mysteries of the dark. People in the Middle Ages wore peridot to gain foresight and divine inspiration. Greatly prized by Egyptian Kings.

A rose-colored quartz. The pink comes from titanium. The name, Rhodonite, stems from a Slavic work (kwardy) meaning hard.

Rose Quartz
Clears anger, resentment, fear and guilt. Builds self-confidence. Promotes forgiveness and compassion. Draws love to wearer.

The sapphire’s color comes from titanium and iron oxides. The deeper the color, the more oxide. Since ancient times a sapphire has been called the Gem of the Heavens. Persians believed the earth rested on an enormous sapphire and the sky reflected its beautiful color. The Star Sapphire has been known as the Stone of Destiny. The star’s three crossed lines are said to represent faith, hope and destiny. Legend claims they are actually sparks from the Star of Bethlehem. Promotes clarity and will-power. Expands a cosmic awareness and strengthens psychic abilities. Healthy alignment for the body, mind and spirit.

Smokey Quartz
Subtle, beautiful smokey brown shade. Valuable electrical and optical properties. People long believed in smokey quartz’ healing powers, which additionally provided divine and clairvoyant inspiration. Aids in the healing of depression, resulting in grounding and a relaxed state. Clears self of subconscious blocks.

Snowflake Obsidian
Volcanic glass which is formed by rapidly cooling lava. Discovered by Obsius in Ethiopia. Black patterned with greyish-white inclusions which resemble snowflakes.

Tiger Eye
A variety of quartz which comes from hydrous oxide (limonite) and exhibits similarly oriented fibrous inclusions. Typically displays lustrous alternating yellow or brown bands.

Stone of Strength noted the Greeks. During medieval days it was thought to heal physical and mental disorders as well as prevent death. Pure Topaz is colorless, but there is a broad range of colors: yellow, blue, pink, red, and brown.

During medieval days tourmaline was thought to heal physical and mental disorders as well as prevent death. Green is from iron, chromium and vanadium, pink from manganese. Used as a gem for over 2,000 years. Promotes understanding, concentration and inspiration. Dispels negativity. Considered highly electromagnetic with powerful healing attributes.

Discovered in the Unaka Range in South Carolina. Variegated stone composed of quartz, pink feldspar and epidote.