Guarding the Senses

These are the senses:

These are what are called the Doors to the Senses:
The Eye
The Ear
The Nose
The Tongue
The Body
The Mind

Conscious awareness arises as a consequence of the contact of a sense organ with it’s appropriate stimulus. A Visual Object comes into contact with The Eye, and Perception of Sight occurs. From Perception of Sight comes the Sensation associated with Seeing, and Conscious Awareness of Sight.

An act of Identification with the process creates the experience known as “My Sight”, or “I am Seeing.” Arising from this experience comes liking or disliking depending on the Sensation.

Both Liking and Disliking, are forms of Wanting and lead to Action that results in an Outcome determined by Karma.

For this reason, one trains himself to be wary of Sights, Sounds, Scents, Flavors, Touches, and Thoughts. Being Aware of the Danger, he Guards “The Doors of the Senses” and when an Object of Sense comes into the Range of an Organ of Sense, he neither pays attention to its General Appearance nor to it’s Details.