The scientists have found that our mind is the cause for 80% of our illnesses. The main cause for illnesses such as rash, diabetes, backache and heart attacks is jealousy, hatred, mental tension and stress. Psychiatrists have now found that though there is temporary relief for these illnesses through medication, illnesses recur because the cause for them remains within our minds.

It is similar to the growth of a tree from its remaining roots even though its shoots are cut down. There is no complete cure for about 15% of our illnesses. We inherit them. We require medicines for only 5% of our illnesses.

Reading and understanding this article will reduce your visits to hospitals for treatment. It would also reduce the congestion at the hospitals. You would be alarmed if you come to know that even the viruses, which cause influenza, creep into our bodies at times when our repulsing power is lowered by mental conditions such as anger and hatred.

How Hatred Makes Us Ill
It can be shown in several steps as follows:

1. The bodily discomforts when there is anger, hatred, mental tension and stress is first felt at the outer section of the brain, which is called the cerebral cortex.
About 13 billion nerve cells activate in receiving these feelings and almost 10 billion of these nerve cells are within the brain. Messages run across the nerves at a speed of 400 kilometres per hour.

2. Immediately after receiving such a message, it is transmitted to the Hypothalamus, a pea shaped piece in the centre of the brain.

3. The message so received by the Hypothalamus is immediately sent across the nervous system to the medulla of the adrenal in the kidneys, which contains the adrenaline glands. As they are located at the top of the kidneys, they are called suprarenal.

4. The flowing of the hormones, which make the body sick, commences thereafter. About four types of hormones start flowing immediately when the messages are sent to the kidneys across these glands due to bodily discomforts such as anger and hatred. Out of them adrenaline and nor adrenaline are first released to the body. These hormones, which naturally provide us strength to fight or run, are produced without any change when we feel anger, hatred and wrath.

Thereafter glucose is released from the liver to provide energy for activities such as fighting and running. Heartbeat rises to increase the flow of blood to provide strength in the body. Reducing the thickness of blood can increase the flow of blood. Water from the skin and lips too are drawn into the blood. Then the skin becomes pale and the throat and mouth dries up. Further to using the blood in the digestive system, digestion too is stopped, it results in excretion.

Blood pressure rises. Immediately after the release of these hormones, the clotting of blood is quickened to safeguard against cuts or bleeding.

Accordingly, the chemical balance in the body completely falls apart.

5. Frequent anger and hatred, which cause the flow of these hormones, reduces our immunity to various illnesses. The reason for this is because the chemical “cortisol”, which is given to asthma patients and patients recovering from transplants of body parts, is naturally produced within the body at such times when anger and hatred is present.

6. Are you always in anger, hatred and jealous of the other person?
Then you are ready to embrace the following illnesses due to the imbalance of chemicals within your body:-

i. Due to adrenaline and nor adrenaline:
They cause many illnesses including diabetes, headache, high-blood pressure, increased cholesterol level in the blood and cancer.

ii. Due to excess Cortisol level in the body:
Immunity to diseases will decrease. Due to the continuation of this situation you could be the target for the illnesses such as influenza and chicken pox, which are caused by viruses and bacteria. Anger (due to increase in the level of cortisol) instantly reduces the immunity we have to resist those illnesses. The, influenza or any other virus would gradually invade our body. There is a saying that “the devil is waiting to take over any holy person if he/she loses his/her virtuousness”.

It applies here too. When we lose our kind thoughts and develop anger and hatred, the cortisol level in our body goes up and our immunity to illnesses reduced and falls ill due to invasion of viruses.

In a recent research study, it has been revealed that a large number of deaths occur on Mondays. It has been revealed at these studies that due to traffic congestion, the drivers and passengers lose their temper and that they have developed heart attacks.

iii. Due to frequent thoughts of anger and hatred the mucus membrane in the stomach dries up and due to action of hormones excess pepsin enzyme is released into the stomach. It results in the formation of ulcers in the stomach ultimately.

iv. The size of our brain is about 2% of our body size. However, from the breath we take in, our brain uses 20% of Oxygen. It has been found that when there are mental conditions of commotion, unrest, anger, wrath and hatred, the activity in the brain rise up and it requires more blood to be pumped into the brain.

Though you are calm and seated in a chair or lying down in a bed while you are thinking of destroying or setting a trap for you friend or thinking of drafting a petition or accusation against him, it requires lot of blood to be pumped into you brain to think about it. Therefore, with the passage of time due to overloading the heart, you could develop heart attack that will destroy you instead of you neighbour or friend.

v. In the meantime it has been found that frequent anger and hatred causes ageing. Psychiatrists call this as psychological aging. The normal aging is called chronological aging.

How Can Meditation Reduce Diseases
It has been proved in experiments that the best way to save a person who had fallen ill due to the thoughts of anger, hatred and wrath described above, is to make him practice meditation of loving-kindness (Maithree Bhavana).

Most of the experiments have been held in countries like Japan, Thailand, and England. Recently on analysis of sputum obtained from those who were meditating at the Kanduboda Meditation Centre in Sri Lanka by a group of British scientists it had been proved that meditation restores the chemical balance in the body.

He had shown in this first experiment that the cholesterol level in the body is reduced by meditation. According to this, it has been revealed that person’s immunity to diseases increases and he becomes healthy, if he meditates for a short time each day. He specifically says that Maithree meditation (meditation on loving kindness) is very good for those who are ill.

Thereby, illnesses such as diabetes, rash, psoriasis etc. are cured. Apart from this, it has been found at in meditation, the testosterone hormone levels in the female bodies are reduced, and thereby it reduces the growth of unwanted hair.