There are certain people that make us feel nice when we are with them, but there are others that make us feel uncomfortable. There are places that fill our energy resources, but there are places that we cannot stay for a long time. There have been times that all of us have felt anxious, fear, and strange feelings with no specific reason. The other day I woke up upset and all day my mood was not good, and of course that was not with no reason. Everything around us has a reason. All of us react differently to different sources. All we need is to understand what is going on around us. The mystery is about to unfold. It's up to us how deep we can go, there is no limit.

From ancient times, it is deeply believed that humans are multidimensional beings. This perception is present in almost all the religious aspects from the prehistoric ages. This is shown even in the religious symbols, as well as the varied funeral ceremonies, which strengthens the conviction that humans knew by instinct the duration of their existence in a multidimensional universe. Besides, the human body is a multidimensional small universe, in which different energy powers interact. These energy powers are surrounded by a concentration of energy or an energy field, which usually is called, aura. Similarly, the universe is constituted by energy fields that retain the secular web and simultaneously influence the individual consciences.

Each individual energy field doesn’t interact only with the secular energy web, but it also influences each other. In fact what we call Ego is a point of energy radiation. This energy radiation in the different fields of existence is expressed in different ways. In the field of emotions, for example, it is represented as sentimental unload. In the intellectual field it is represented as a flow of thoughts, in the natural field as natural action.

The Power of Thoughts and Emotions

The energy that is produced by thoughts and emotions is the form, which is based on the energy radiation that emanates from each separate individual, even from his magnetism. This produces an energy identity, distinguishable from individual to individual, depending on the person’s thoughts and emotions. This energy identity is possible to influence other individuals, depending on the power of the force. Of course, the result from thoughts and emotions, as they radiate in the secular web, can be compared with the waves that are caused by the throwing of a rock in the calm waters of lake. The rock collides the water at a certain point and this causes waves to move to all directions. Similarly, thoughts cause their own radiation, which influences objects or other subjects for a big time interval after the initial wave, causing a likeable vibration in the energy field of objective. The result remains the same, until it is absorbed by other energy waves that are produced henceforth by the objective.

The force of wave depends from the size of rock and the force of the collision. In the same way, the effect that has one individual on another, depends on the force of the projection, the quality of the energy and the sensitivity of the receptor. Through this process, of course, we could interpret the thin nuances of human interactions, of confidence and mistrust, of alienation and friendship. Also, it explains why we can suddenly feel oppressed or full distress when we meet new persons or enter a new environment, why we feel comfortable with certain persons and bad with other. All are subject of energy interaction in a small or bigger scale. Moreover, it explains why we as individuals are frequent influenced deeply, positively or negatively, from persons with whom we do not have close bonds or common interests.

The result that an individual might have on us, in an unconscious level, is particularly important for our prosperity and our health. This means that in some degree, for our mental health, we owe to know with whom we are acquainted to. If the persons of our environment have blockings that deform the flow of their thoughts and emotions, or appear negative energy towards us, even if this happens unintentionally, they influence us negatively. Such a thing becomes particularly perceptible in cases of anger and fear. It is important, therefore, for our individual balance, to have the ability to use certain filters in such cases, that helps us reflect the hostile or negative projections so as they do not disturb our energy field.

How one can be open or not to such exterior projections, is strictly of the ability of how aware the person is and of practice, in almost all the levels of social contacts, so as to maintain the essential balance.

Internal and External Thoughts

In order to achieve some elementary defence in mental and intellectual level, we need to distinct from our sudden thoughts or emotions we feel, which are our own inner derivatives or if they are coming from external effects. There are certain rules that can help us in the discrimination of the source of the emotional or mental message, which are based on, mainly, on the results that they cause to us and it is also a good thing to know them.

Initially, thoughts are considered to precede emotions, even though it is possible that certain emotions may lead us to certain intellectual perceptions. However, if we begin to feel certain irrelevant things, which have nothing to do with that we were thinking the present moment, probably the emotions we feel are coming from another energy source of emission. Generally, the same happens when thoughts or emotions that penetrate us do not have any relation with what we were doing the specific moment. This is because our individual action is a product of our individual thoughts or flow of emotions and not to external stimuli. If, therefore, we are doing a specific job and suddenly we are submerged from irrelevant thoughts or stimuli of emotion, then most likely it is to coming from outside.

That’s why, we owe to distinguish the strong emotions or the depressing thoughts that come from nowhere, which have nothing to do with our mental situation. If we are happy and suddenly we feel something heavy crashing our breast, then the emotions or the thoughts have appeared from an external source. The same thing happens, also in the case where we are occupied by a thought, which we want to get rid, but we cannot get it out of our mind. Generally, external energy fields that disturb us, cause the sudden and dramatic changes of emotion. Such a thing can be felt if we become spectators in a dramatic atmosphere, without having the intention to do so.

The sudden feeling of weakness, exhaustion, confusion and distress, if they aren’t based on personal reasons, then are produced by energy fields, which are in complete disagreement with ours. Exactly the same thing happens when we suddenly feel excited or gooses for no reason or connection with what we are doing the specific moment. These emotions or natural symptoms appear to us when we are influenced by the gathered of emotions or by the emotions that are created by an assembled crowd. Then, easily we can be drifted in thoughts, emotions and actions that could not possibly be ours.

What can be done when somebody feels such type interjection in his energy field? Simply, he has to imagine his own energy centre as a whole and a calm entity, which functions as a mirror that reflects any external effect. Soonly, he will discover that the thoughts and the emotions, which are emanated from an external source, will stop bothering him and he will return to his usual activity. If the thoughts and the emotions are coming from himself, then again he will calm down, but simultaneously he will open the way for a inner search of his own projections from the unconscious to the conscious mind. In other words, the load will vanish and he will return to a calm situation, but the imprint in the conscious mind is still there. If he follows this imprint, then he may find the reason of his own internal projection.

Distinguishing Atmospheres

We should seriously consider the fact that not only the thoughts of other individuals can influence us. The energy in the form of thoughts and emotions are possible to be restricted in certain places or spaces, to be absorbed in the natural matter and then radiated from this upon each visitor of the particular place or space. The thoughts and the emotions in a workspace or in a house are common phenomena of this type. The same thing happens and in the atmosphere of a unique individual to the room that he lives the most time of his life.

The quality of an atmosphere that is produced in such a place, will influence the visitor positive or negatively. Because of this, it is easy to explain why our mood changes, while we move from one place to another or even from one room to another. The understanding of how an atmosphere can influence is absolutely necessary for one who wishes not to be a passive subject in any type of such effects, as he will be transmitted with the experience of the dynamics of the energies, so much in a stable and in a disturbed environment. Suppose you visit an old temple and a hospital for mental diseases. It is sure that you will observe the important energy difference of the two places. In the one case the atmosphere of the place is disturbed from the chronic presence of mental disturbed individuals, while in the other the place radiates a holiness as result of the sentiments of dedication where literally loaded its intellectual and emotional atmosphere.

Sacred Places and Secular Atmospheres

In the last category of places with particular gathered energy, belong to the sacred ceremonial places from ancient times until today. However, it is not only the presence of the thousands or millions of visitors where they gave the specific energy to the atmosphere of those particular places. It has been proved that certain places are drawn in order to have a secular alignment, as it is reported from scientists that have studied the subject. The Stonehenge, the Big Pyramids, the Pyramids of the Maya and the Inkas and other megalithic monuments or ancient temples had specific orientation, a fact that made them receptive in concrete quality energies, beyond those that were produced be the adoration.

In other words, this absorbed energy, which is present as an energy atmosphere of the particular place and it, could influence, even today, the innumerable visitors. Here the thoughts and the emotions that are caused are generally abstract and they allocate a thin nuance, with difficulty comprehensible for the common mind. However, they have the possibility of an intellectual change, which can lead them to certain evolutionary paths.

Even today, if you visit such a place, it is possible you will conceive a completely different atmosphere, from the first moment. The first thing that becomes perceptible is a change in atmosphere. This change imposes a silence in the mind, so that you receive the messages that the place radiates.

Beyond, therefore, from this energy emission of other individuals, the human creature can accept messages, which are produced or reflected from the secular web. Consequently, beyond the material three-dimensional world, which we conceive with our natural senses, there alos exists, a multidimensional energy world that constitutes the universe. We have as beings the possibility of coming in contact with this energy web and draw from it, inexhaustible reserves of knowledge and experience. This can be done, by developing the suitable senses, because the natural correspondence by itself is not enough. The discrimination between the in different atmospheres, or, the internal and external messages is a beginning, so that we can put in order the theoretically chaotic, for us, world and then explore it. Surely, the surprises that this world hides for humanity are huge, and they are there for us to find and explore.