Who's contronling Karma?

Do you have a past life in which you were persecuted? Were you killed by another person or group of persons? Were you poor because others were rich? Were you abused, raped, or maimed in some violent action from others? Do you have a history of suffering that runs through all or several of your past life recalls? My guess is that you will find lots of suffering as part of your psychic memory bank.

Suffering is a prevailing theme in all of lives. Our religions and mythologies reflect suffering to us as a consistent image. The first Noble Truth of Buddhism blatantly tells us that life is suffering. Christianity provides us with Jesus on the cross as a reminder of the suffering of human existence. The intention of our religions means well.

We are instructed to see suffering first so that we may rise above suffering into some greater level of existence called Heaven or Enlightenment. Ultimately, we are meant to live only in JOY and HAPPINESS here on earth in this lifetime.

How do you transform suffering to joy?

First, you have to know that you are attached to suffering. Christianity provides us with the element of martyrdom that is a nice accompaniment to suffering. You don’t have to have been raised a Christian to hold the ideas of suffering and martyrdom in your consciousness. Suffering is in the mass consciousness and as such, all are subject to its influence. So, the first step is to commit to the release of the belief that life is suffering and that you must suffer as part of living on the material plane. This belief simply is no longer true.

Secondly, you must intend, or ask, or make prayer for joy in your life. You must turn the belief around that says life is suffering and live and breath and believe only that life is JOY! But, how can I do this when I have suffered so? ...You might ask. Well, there you are...in your suffering again. You haven’t detached. You are still attached to something that is not really true if you investigate it deeply enough.

Past life regression therapy

Past life regression therapy brings up a lot of suffering because that is what we are all so hooked into. A good past life regression therapist will assist you to feel the suffering and then assist you to move beyond the suffering. Moving beyond can take many forms including forgiveness, understanding, releasing the trauma held in the cells of the body, releasing old contracts that kept the suffering going between you and another, or changing the ending so that what was once viewed as suffering can be viewed as something more profound and with greater meaning. Eventually, the intention is always to move into joy and away from constant attachment to suffering.

Is it time for you to release the karma of suffering? Are you ready to live life from the perspective of joy, love and happiness? If so, then explore your past lives with the intention of uncovering the theme of suffering and transforming it to the lighter energy of love. I wish you well on your journey into the LIGHT.