Elephants in Zambia, South Luangwa National Park

From the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika in northern Zambia to the shores of Lake Kariba; from the vast Barotse Floodplains to the rich wilderness of Zambia's world renowned Luangwa Valley; from the sparkling waters of Lake Bangweulu and the endless surrounding wetlands to the spectacular beauty and abundance of the Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park; from the magnificent Victoria Falls to Zambia's diverse cultural ceremonies.

Zambia is fed and shaped by three great rivers, bordered by three massive lakes and big, big skies. Zambia beckons to the intrepid, the adventurous - those who want to step off the conveyor belt of mass tourism.

Zambia is one of the most stable and strife free countries in Africa. Never has there been a war here and our 73 tribes live in peace and harmony. The Wildlife is superb and some of the finest Safaris on offer are available from our fine lodges and safari companies. Choose from a variety of Wildlife Safaris to enjoy Zambia's astounding and diverse concentration of wild animals and birds.

Imagine...waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a multitude of birds and a hot cup of coffee to get you going before you set off. Your Game Guide leads you deep into the heart of the bush, carefully making your way through the lush vegetation, pointing out the many signs of wild, - spoor of a lion that passed here in the night, elephant tracks, a herd of 10 or more must have been just here, where are they now?

As you move on, you hear the crackle of leaves, and there they are.... grazing under a grove of sausage trees. You hang back, making sure the wind doesn’t bring the smell of you to them. Just watch… See how they pull the bark from the tree, see the matriarchal mother lead the herd a little further, you creep slowly behind.

Your guide tells you many stories of the ways of elephants in their natural environment. You walk a little closer, keeping low and out of sight. Suddenly one looks up...sniffs the air with her long trunk, lets out a long eerie trumpet as she senses the presence of humans. They turn and disappear from sight in seconds.

Just then a troop of baboons appear, picking at the elephant dung for seeds. A flock of crowned cranes fly overhead and land at the edge of nearby lagoon. A crocodile lurks from the water and sinks below. Two buffalo come down to drink, the crocodile emerges again and they’re off.

Most of the Game Lodges offer a Walking Safari option, taken either in the early morning or late afternoon. Refreshments are served along the way carried by an able porter. All you take is your binoculars and a sense of wonder.

To book a walking safari, browse through the different National Parks to choose a location, There are many lodges listed in each one. Or go to the listing section and look up Game Lodges. For specialised walking safaris in Kafue National Park, try Chilongozi for classic safaris in the Busanga Plains area or Chundukwa Adventures who conduct walks in the southern section.  Shenton Safaris, The Bushcamp Company, Norman Carr Safaris, Chinzombo and Robin Pope Safaris in South Luangwa, and Shiwa Safaris in North Luangwa.

The birdlife is abundant, so have your checklist handy, and around every bush there is a story of life happening. Antelope grazing on the plains, perhaps a predator lurking for a meal. Elephants, giraffe, monkeys, baboons, may emerge as you watch unobtrusively, safe with your armed and knowledgeable guide. A sojourn at the river’s edge will reveal many sights of wonder. Buffalo coming down to drink, maybe one, maybe a hundred.

The waterbirds wading in the shallows, the eerie cry of the fish eagle overhead before it swoops down to make it’s catch. Hippos are abundant in Zambia’s waterways, with their inimitable deep base grunts as they emerge and submerge. In Luangwa there are more than 50 hippo’s per kilometre of river! Often a herd of elephants can be seen playing in the water. Or a crocodile ready to attack a thirsty impala.

The walk is slow and unstrenuous. Tea and lunch are served along the way as you make your way to the next camp which has been set up ahead of you. As you arrive, your safari hosts will pamper you with drinks, superb meals and bush showers before you flop into comfortable white linen beds in the safety of your tent, to listen to the cacophony of night sounds before you drift off to well-earned sleep.

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