Shaolin International Hotel

Shaolin International Hotel is the only three-star hotel concerning foreign affairs in the Shaolin scenic spot of the Songshan mountain in China. Shaolin International Hotel is located at No.16 Shaolin Dadao in Dengfeng city with transport facilities. As a comprehensive hotel concerning foreign affairs with strong features of Shaolin, Shaolin International Hotel collects accommodation, recreation, shopping, tourism and cultural exchange of Shaolin Wugong as the whole.

Shaolin International Hotel was initially built in 1993 with total building area of 15,000 square meters and staff members of more than 300. Shaolin International Hotel has over 80 guest rooms of various grades with such facilities as central air conditioners, wired televisions, international or domestic direct-dial telephones and tiny bars, etc.

Shaolin International Hotel sets up 4 different styles of restaurants and more than 10 KTV private rooms with a seating capacity of 600 persons, and can holds all kinds of scales of dining activities such as wine party, banquet and buffet banquet, etc. Shaolin International Hotel possesses over 80 special-grade and three-grade cooks, wheaten food cooks and superb service personnel, deals with Chuan dishes (Sichuan), Yu dishes (Henan), Yue dishes (Guangdong), Lu dishes (Shandong) and Xiang dishes (Hunan), and can provide various local delicacies.

In order to develop Shaolin culture and abundant, profound Shaolin Wugong, Shaolin International Hotel specially starts a Shaolin Wugong base, which provides Shaolin Wugong training for tourists to Shaolin and does exchange of Wugong. Shaolin International Hotel sets up the meditation room, vegetable dishes hall and Wugong performance hall so that tourists may have experiences of monks’ lives, appreciate dhyana and Wugong culture, view and emulate Shaolin Wugong.

Shaolin International Hotel has business center, bar, gymnasium, sauna center, beauty shop, singing and dancing hall, shopping and large, medium and small sized meeting rooms. Shaolin International Hotel may book tickets for train and plane for guests, and provide guide service.

To visit Shaolin of the Songshan Mountain, stay in Shaolin International Hotel, taste Shaolin vegetable dishes, recite Shaolin scriptures, sit in Shaolin meditation and watch Shaolin Wugong.