Are we really alone?

We are surrounded by a loving and supportive universe. Everywhere we look there is guidance and assistance offered to us. The strangest of all, is that, although we are so supported, yet we feel alone. Perhaps, it is only that we have taught ourselves to close our ears, eyes and minds to the greater realm of life around us.

There are many sources for this guidance. Among them are angels and archangels, animal guides, friends and family who have passed over, Future Selves/Higher Selves, Light-beings, and Higher Souls/Masters. Each has a different frequency resonance, which can be recognized with practice. All our guides are truly our friends, no more, no less.

Angels and Archangels

The word angel itself is derived from the Greek word “angelos” which means messenger. They are the messengers of the Universe.
Angels were created by the Ancient of Days to assist as needed. Sometimes as an ambassador from ‘above’ and sometimes as an aide here ‘below’. Angels are here to assist us, humans, on our path.
Angels have only one mission and do not have the free will to change that purpose. Angels cannot interfere with our lives we must ask them for assistance.
There is a sort of hierarchy in the angelic kingdom. Archangels govern Angels; the archangels are the directors, and the angelic hosts do the work. The angelic evolution is a parallel to that of human beings. Because angels do not have free will, they are not self-conscious as humans are. They evolve through our evolution rather than through the power of conscious thought. It is important to understand that there are angels working in all the dimensions of reality.
There are many different kinds of angels. Each person has a guardian angel. Again, they cannot interfere unless we ask them for help. Sometimes you hear your angel as a whisper or a ‘knowing’ what to do or not do, where to go or not go, etc.
There are infinite numbers of angels who work with humans and are available. There are angels of healing, illumination, creativity, nature, music, dance, writing and literature, protection, emotions, science, technology, devotion, purity, information, environment, transformation, peace, art, relationships, and magic. All we really have to do is invoke them and they are happy to come and serve. Although, they cannot do something that is not in our highest good.
Angels and Archangels are here for our assistance and growth. All we have to do is simply ask for their help.

Animal Guides

We each have at least one and sometimes several animal guides around us. Some are a permanent guides, while others are transitory in nature. These guides connect us to the wisdom of Mother Earth. The best way to connect with your animal guides is to notice which animals you have an affinity towards. Do you like eagles, bears, wolves, dogs, cats, whales, dolphins, etc? The ones you feel the most drawn to are most likely your guides.

Friends and Family on the Other Side

Since Love is the most powerful force in the universe, the people we love and who love us are always near us, whether in body or not. These guides are simply watching over us, channeling Love and support to us as we go about our daily lives. Their communication to us is primarily to give assurance that life is eternal and that we are never alone. It is best to accept their support, but also to release them to go about their own growth on the other side. If we become too attached to someone who has died we delay their progress and growth as well as ours.

Future Self/Higher Self

One of the most profound and insightful types of spirit guide that we can have is our Future/Higher Self. We exist simultaneously in the past, present and future. From this perspective we can call upon our future self to guide us through trying times in our life, since they already have the knowledge of how we/they moved through it. We strongly encourage that you connect as much as possible with this guidance.


Light-beings are those highly advanced souls that simply appear as a flash of light, column of light, ball of light, etc. They are physically manifesting around us to get our attention. They have a message for us and once that message has been received will move on to their next “mission”. They are the communicators of the universe. Since they are basically stuck until you receive the message it is always best to acknowledge their presence and ask for the message to be given in a way that you can understand.

Higher Souls/Masters

There are many highly developed souls that have walked upon this planet, that have completed their work here and no longer require or choose physical incarnation. The list includes those such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Toth, Abraham, Elijah, Ruth, Rachel, Sarah, Melchizidek, etc. These are great beings to connect with as they can greatly enhance and accelerate your spiritual development.

Connecting with your Guides

The first step to connecting with any of these spirit guides is an openness and willingness on your part. They are always there and simply waiting for you to ask for them to connect with you. You must find some practice that allows your mind to quiet the incessant chatter that is normally there, such as meditation. While the guides do not experience time as we do, they can know when to expect us to tune in. There is no need for fear of any sort in doing. As always remember, we are all one and love is all there is.’

Spirit Guides are entities, physical and non-physical, as mentioned above, who have chosen to aid others on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Most spirit guides have had incarnations on the physical Earth plane, as well as other realms. They, like yourself, may exist there multidimensionally at this time.

Spirit guides can be aspects of yourself.

Guides may remain with you for a lifetime, or may come and go depending on your needs and theirs.

They are beings of light that may physically appear to you in humanoid form so your mind can conceptualize them better.

You can ask a spirit guide to leave, and they must comply.
You can request additional guides / and or angels if you want to work with guides on higher levels.
We all have spirit guides.

Each guide generally comes in for a specific purpose in our lives.
- Other aspects of your soul
- Spiritual guardians
- Healers
- Help with your creative work
- Have a past life connection to you
- Are deceased relatives or close friends
- Many guides are our soul mates which is why we can not find our true love in the physical.

Some guides stay with you for your entire lifetime.
Others stay for many years then leave.
You can ask a spirit guide to leave if you so chose.
You can ask to have another brought to help you evolve.

They ‘speak’ to you in many ways.
Sometimes they are the little voice you hear in your head - thoughts.
Often times they speak to you in dream state, meditation, altered states of consciousness, through the synchronistic things that occur in your life, through, art, music, dance, or acting.

If they really want to make a point they will drop something on you like a book, as if to say, “Pay attention!”

Spirit guides travel interdimensionally.
They travel with us at night when we sleep.
They teach us at that time, or more correctly all the time.
They are “always” besides us.