Theogonia, means the Genesis of the Gods. Ancient Greeks, where great storytellers with great imagination and endless humour. In their efford in trying to explain some materializations, they weaved many myths. Of course, they worked on the beginning of the world and the genesis of the many Gods they had. With their rich imagination they built huge genealogies that revealed the ancestors of the 12 Olympian Gods and all the smaller ones. Also, they revealed how Zeus became the leader of all Gods in the Greek mythology.

According to Homer, the writer of the Trojan war and the adventures of Odysseus, father of gods was OCEANOS (ocean) who was around the whole universe. From him and his wife TITHI came all the gods. Homer presents him as a quiet old man who never interferes with the problems of gods or mortals.

More completed is the myth that ISIODOS tells us in his THEOGONIA (genesis of gods) for the beginning of the world and the stern of gods. In the beginning it was CHAOS, EARTH and EROTAS. These 3 gods, had no relation among them, they just lived together. CHAOS was dark with no sign of life. Total silence was everywhere. This scary dark creature had no start and no end. Everything there was just black.

In this immenseness of the cosmic time, without a love action came EREVOS and NIHTA (night). They were also black and dark with huge wings, and they were just standing facing each other. The only difference they had with Chaos was that they had beginning and ending. Maybe you needed years to go from the one end to the other but you could find an end. They were huge but you could measure them. Total silence was all around the universe, until EROTAS came, the last of the 3 primal gods. Then he starts to talk to the others and the silence that existed since then in the universe broke at last. They started to talk to each other and after a while AITHERAS was born. He was bright and shinny with wonderful wings, huge also but with harmonically members and smiling. With his brightness managed to bring some light into the, until then, dark universe. After a while HMERA (day) was born. A blonde female with white wings. When Aitheras saw another creature bright like him was very happy. They started to play in the universe happy, around the planets and the meteorites, bringing joy to the universe.

AITHERAS represented for the ancient Greeks the upper place of the atmosphere, the cleanest place of the air. IMERA represented the “day”, the part of day that sun always shines.

They say that later, from the night, two other gods came up. YPNOS (sleep) and THANATOS (death). Two very close brothers. Close to them and close to us also. Also 2 goddesses were born, APATH (cheat) and ERIDA (argument). Apati was possesing the humans making them doing horrible things and Erida was puting people and gods in great arguments. Her horrible kids were PONOS (pain), LITHI (forgetfulness), PEINA (hunger), MAHES (the battles), FONOI (the murders), DYSNOMIA (illegality) and ORKOS (vow) that gives us so much trouble in our life. After that, Gaia (earth), that was sleeping in the Chaos, born also OURANOS (the sky), ORI (mountains) and PONTOS. First Gaia born Ouranos that was bigger than her, he enclosed her and his great arms surrounded the whole star system

He was such a beautiful god, big and blue, that Gaia fell in love with him and she joined him. From their relationship many gods were born.

After a while, Gaia started to have great pains and it was like a war was going on in her belly. Giants started to grow in her skin, very big with ugly shape. These were the ORI (mountains) that were giving Gaia for many centuries great pains. Gaia was putting all her efforts to get rid of her new sons. She never liked them because of the pain they were causing her. But she could do nothing. The more she was trying, the more she was paining. At the end she decided to live with them adherent in her body from the day they were born.

After some time, Gaia felt something moving in her belly again but this time she had the feeling that it was something nice. So in a while PONTOS (sea) jumped from her body and surrounded her with his blue body. He enclosed her in his big arms. Gaia was proud of her new son that other times he was peaceful and other times powerful and lathered with his huge waves.

It is also said, that after Ouranos was defeated by CRONOS, Gaia had relations with her second son also. From this relation came all the gods and goddesses that represent the water like the rivers the lakes and everything liquid.

Children of Pontos and Gaia, were NIREAS of the water, THAYMOS the great, EYRIVIA the powerful, FORKIS and KITO for the beasts of the sea. Nireas mate with DORIDA, a daughter of OCEANOS (ocean) and with her he had 50 daughters, the NIRIIDES (sea-fairies) that protected the sailors and were living in the sea caves. Thavmos mated with ILEKTRA another daughter of Oceanos, and IRIS was born, the representation of the colours of the rainbow. The horrible ARPIES were born also. AELO, THYELA (storm) and OKIPETI (fast wings). Forkis and Kito mated together and brought in the world the 2 GRAIES two old women from their birth and the three GORGONES (mermaids)

Gaia, symbolized for the Greeks, an endless power of fertility. She was the world MOTHER and mother of gods.

EROTAS, the third from the primal gods, was not EROS or EROTAS the son of AFRODITE (Venus) the little man who was shouting arrows in the hearts of people bringing them love. Erotas was a big power of attraction that was bringing everyone closer like before with Erevos and Nyhta. He was very powerful and everybody loved him but he was the only one who did not have any children of his own.