Tian Tan Buddha

Undoubtedly, the most impressive work in Po Lin monastery is the 34-meter-high bronze Buddha that watches the whole area from Muk Yu Hill. The "Tian tan" Buddha is the largest Buddha of the world. Its 202 pieces were at last assembled in 1989 after three years of accomplishment. The Buddha was consecrated in December 1993 and stands 33.95 meters high above stairs of 268 steps.

He sits cross-legged atop a green peak on Lantau Island, and as your plane sweeps down towards Chek Lap Kok International Airport, look out at the island's serrated ridges and you'll see him silhouetted against the sky in a meditative pose. There can be no better omen to mark your arrival in Hong Kong.

On the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau one of Hong Kong’s outer islands, there is this amazing vision, one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. Surrounded by lush green hills it is perfect for deep contemplation and prayer. The Buddhist monastery next to the temple, the Po Lin Monastery, is Hong Kong’s largest Buddhist complex. Named “Precious Lotus,” it grew from a humble monastic retreat of stone huts built in 1905. Today, a 22-ton bronze statue of Lord Buddha seated on a lotus flower is the monastery’s star attraction.

Such tranquillity is a rarity in bustling Hong Kong. Lantau seemed a world away from the fast rising skyscrapers of the big city. The serenity quickly enraptured all who arrived into a peaceful lull, as the magnificent Buddha seemed to pull us toward him with a welcoming glow. One hand waving and the other in his lap, his pose was one of teaching. This serene 26-meter figure brought followers to their knees before him. In awe, visitors quietly climbed the 268 stairs for a close-up view of the Buddha and the panoramic view of Lantau.

The round base of the statue includes three floors. A first floor or “hall of Benevolence Merit” contains a statue of God of earth.The second floor or “Hall of the universe” has rooms where lantau history and construction plans of the Buddha are displayed. Then in the middle of the third floor or “Hall of Remembrance”, hangs a bell that strikes 108 times a day.