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Alexandra David-Neel by Lao Xu Jin

Alexandra David_Neel (  ?Copyright Alexandra David-Neel Cultural Center )

In our minds, Tibet carries a certain mystique that conjures images of spiritual and utopian splendour. Although it is not necessarily true that Tibet was a county forever sealed off to the outside world, even through the early years of the 20th century many westerners had seen little of Tibet or its people.

If westerners were an odd sight in Tibet, then western women were exceedingly rare. In fact, one could say they were unique. Perhaps 'unique', then, is the only term that would apply to Alexandra David-Neel, the first western woman to enter the 'forbidden…

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Anandamayi Ma by Lobsan Payat

Anandamayi Ma (The Blissful Mother) 1896 - 1982

Father, there is little to tell. My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth. Father, "I was the same." I grew into womanhood, but still "I was the same." When the family in which I had been born made arrangements to have this body married, "I was the same." And, Father, in front of you now, "I am the same." Even afterwards, though the dance of creation changes around me in the hall of eternity, "I shall be the same".

In answer to Paramahamsa Yoganada's question to her,…

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Anna Comnena the first female historian by Jim Down

Anna Comnena

Anna Comnena is considered the world's first female historian as well as a major source of information about the reign of her father, Alexius I. In her works there are plenty of details about daily life at court, the deeds of her family, and the exchanges between the Byzantines and western crusaders during the first crusades.

When Anna was a child both her mother and father made sure she received an excellent education. When young, she was given a crown and had expected that at her father's death she would take his place as head of an…

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Aqua vitae or Vodka by Andrei Kiriakov

In the year of 1386, the Genoese Embassy transiting through Russia on their way to Lithuania stopped at the Moscow Grand Duchy to demonstrate a variety of exotic wonders, the miraculous aqua vitae being one of them. In all probability, it was the first acquaintance of Moscow boyars with distilled wine spirits.

Aqua vitae didn't have any special impact on the Russians. By and large, it was presented as a special medical potion rather than a beverage. At that time, wine spirits were credited with dozens of curative assets, including rejuvenating effect, and they were reputed…

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