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Gate of Death by Lao Long

Nirvana - ( Image compiled by Dr. Blog )

Traditionally there are ten schools of Buddhism in China and eight of them belong to Mahayana Buddhism. Four of them are practical in the sense that they possess special practices which are actually practiced by many followers. These are the Pureland School, the Tantra School, the Chan School and the Sila School. The Pureland School with its emphasis on the chanting practice has been most popular. Nowadays the meditation practices of Tibetan Tantra and those of the Southern Tradition are embraced by a growing number of Chinese Buddhists.

Upon closer examination, many Chinese Buddhists, in the…

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Hakuin Zenji (Hakuin Ekaku 1689-1769) by Jim Down

Hakuin Zenji

Hakuin is often considered the father of modern Rinzai Zen. He studied under several teachers but considered Shoju Rojin to be his dharma father. Shoju never acknowledged Hakuin's enlightenment in hopes to drive him further. Before he was able to complete his studies under Shoju he was forced to leave and run a monastery near his home and was not able to return before his teacher died.

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Hindus convert to Buddhism by Jim Down


New Dehli (Sunday, 04-Nov-2001) More than 30,000 lower-caste Hindus publicly converted to Buddhism on Sunday in the Indian capital, declaring their freedom from ill-treatment at the hands of the upper castes.
In an outdoor ceremony denounced by Hindu hardliners, the low-caste Hindus, or Dalits, shaved their heads in ceremonial fashion and chanted Buddhist mantras to signal their conversion.

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A statue of the Laughing Buddha (Image by Draco)

Hotei, a cheerful Buddhist monk, where just his appearance can have the ability to cheer anyone up from a bad day. His largely exposed, belly stomach protrudes in front of him as he continues to laugh through never ending time. This familiar looking figure is known as the "Laughing Buddha".

The image of Hotei is almost always seen carrying a cloth or linen sack. It is usually filled with many precious items, including candy for children, food, or the woes of the world. Sometimes it can be filled with children, as they are seen as some of…

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