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An interpretation of “The Matrix Reloaded” by Fotopoulou Sophia

Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Trilogy, of which "The Matrix Reloaded" is the second episode, is about questioning our existence, questioning what is reality, about the path the individual takes to realise the Truth and to help others do the same - for the purpose of attaining true freedom, through physical and mental liberation.

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Anniversaries by Fotopoulou Sophia


As years pass by,
I stop to think...
What have I done wrong,
Have I done anything worthwhile...
I am not to say,
I am not to judge,
I am the one that goes along with the stream...

Moments, facts, that just happened sometime in one's life might be milestones. These moments might have been important, or not. I'ld like to believe that every sinlge moment is unique, it is precious and all of us must live all of it with joy, happiness, among all our loved…

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Crow moves away by Fotopoulou Sophia

Fables, stories are the ones I prefer most. They are simple and the moral meanings are easily understood. So much truth is out there, for all of us to discover.

This fable of the crow moving is used to reflect ones who do not know how to solve problems the right way, therefore lead to the still presence of the problem. The moral of the story is profound, but because the context is easy to understand, everyone can learn its message quickly.

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Harmless give-and-take or just Bullying by Jim Down


Teasing among people may be an inevitable fact of life, and unfortunately, young children are initiated into this behaviour at a young age. Children cope with teasing in a variety of ways. For example, they may walk away or stand up to the individual who is doing the teasing or confront a teaser with friends who will stand up for them. However, when the teasing turns to taunting and the child is afraid that any attempt to stop the aggressor will cause harm, the situation is more serious and possibly crosses the line into bullying.

Teasing may…

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