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Varanasi by Jim Down


Varanasi was the capital of the kingdom of Kashi during the time of Buddha (6th century BC), who gave his first sermon at nearby Sarnath. The Kingdom of Kasi or Benares was founded by Khsetravridha, son of Ayus, of the Somavansa dynasty of Pratishthana. The city remained a centre of religious, educational, and artistic activities as attested by the celebrated Chinese traveler Hsuan-tsang, who visited it in c. AD 635 and said that the city extended for about 5 km along the western bank of the Ganges.

It lost independance in 1194 and was ceded by the…

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Zagorochoria by Mala Matina

Kipi Village

The Zagorochoria (villages of Zagoria) 46 traditional settlements bounded by Mts. Mitsikeli, Gamila and the Aoos River form a fascinating geographical, architectural and cultural unit. They are distributed among the eastern, central and western Zagori districts. The region is one of the country?s richest in animal and plant life, not only as regards numbers of species, but also rate species (bear, deer, wild goat, jackal and the like).

Apart from the natural beauty of the region, some of most wonderful villages of Greece are scattered here. The Zagoria are remnants of a flourishing culture of the past.…

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Zanzibar by Efi Antoniou

Sunset at Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an exotic land. This 'spice island' is a tropical idyll true to its reputation. Zanzibar town is filled with old historic buildings, and to prove it there is a story behind each one. At the heart of Zanzibar is the fascinating Stone Town where time has seemingly stood. The island is dotted with several ruins from the turbulent times past.

During harvest season between, July and December, the air hangs thick with the scent of clove. Along the east coast there are endless beautiful beaches and inviting aquamarine water. Half a day's dhow ride…

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Zurich by Efi Antoniou


Zurich lies at the centre of the canton of Zurich on Switzerland's central plain, with the elevation rising towards the south and the Alps. The Old Town spans the River Limmat, and some of the most interesting lanes and buildings are clustered on its banks.

The city's most familiar sites are the Fraumόnster and Grossmόnster minsters, which face each other across the river, while the nearby Lindenhof was the site of a Roman customs post founded in 15BC and is a good vantage point. Surrounding the Old Town, the Kreis (districts) of Zurich are arrayed clockwise…

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