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Jack the ripper by Gus Leous

Between the months of August and November, 1888, the Whitechapel area of East London played witness to a series of horrific murders, which remain to this day unsolved.

The unknown assailant, formerly known as "Leather Apron", later to be referred as "Jack the Ripper", stalked the dimly lit, fog blanketed streets of the East End of London with a single , brutal ambition..............MURDER MOST HORRID.

With malice aforethought, undercover of darkness he lurked within the shadows, awaiting his prey......"the street women" of Old London Town.......the despicable diary of death had begun......!

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Skatole by Jim Down


A white crystalline organic compound, C9H9N, having a strong fecal odor, found naturally in feces, beets, and coal tar and used as a fixative in the manufacture of perfume.

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Skyscrapers by Spiros Papavasiliou

the 224-story Centre of India Tower in Katangi is scheduled for 2008

The tallest skyscrapers are freestanding structures such as the CN Tower in Toronto (opened 1976), which measures 1,815 ft (553 m), and the Ostankino Tower in Moscow (opened 1967), which is 1,771 ft (540 m) high, and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower (2001), with a giddy height of 1,535 ft (468 m), in Shanghai, is the world's third tallest TV tower. By convention, however, a building is defined as being primarily for human habitation with the greatest majority of its height divided into occupiable floors.

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Talos, the Giant Automaton by Jim Down

Polydeukes and Kastor are carrying wounded Talos. Detail from an Athenian volute-crater, c. 400-390 BC. Ruvo, Sammlung Jatta Inv. 1501 ? Sammlung Jatta, Ruvo

The name of the Talaea Mountains refers to the giant Talos, who played an important role in Cretan mythology. Talos, or Talus (in the ancient Cretan dialect it means sun), was a giant creature made of bronze that some writers say was the last survivor of the Bronze Age. Talos guarded the island of Crete and was given to Europa by Zeus. According to others, Talos was designed by Hephaestus, who gave the robot to King Minos. Hephaestus' robot guarded Crete by walking around the perimeter of the island three times a day and throwing rocks and other debris at…

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