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“Ata Allah”, God’s Gift by Fotopoulou Sophia


The "Bedouin name" for Camelus dromedarius, the 'one-hump' dromedary, also known as the Arabian camel, Ata Allah, God's gift. The name "camel" comes from the hebrew gamal, "to repay" or "requite", as the camel does the care of its master.

Camels have played an important part in the lives of many people for at least four thousand years. And this is mainly because camels have the ability to live in places where other large animals could never survive.

In huge deserts like the Sahara, the climate can be too hot and dry…

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Albatross by Spiros Papavasiliou


Albatross is the common name for large web-footed marine birds belonging to the family Diomedeidae, order Procellariiformes. Some of the 13 or 14 species also are known as mollymawks or gooney birds. Albatrosses are concentrated in southern oceans but are also seen in warmer northern waters and may migrate farther north in the summer.

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Aravania by Yannis Vassilopoulos


Aravania is the name for the Greek species of single-footing horses. Before their replacement by machines, they were widely used in agriculture and cattle-breeding.

Greek provinces have lived with them for centuries. Not only were they used for transportations with carts, but also performing rural activities such as ploughing, and hoeing. They were also used to carry shepherds and their supplies on their back, mainly by the use of saddles. Considered as a great ally for shepherds, by transporting them during free-pasturing of sheep and goats and other mammals; still they are used for wood transport…

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Crows by Gus Leous


There are two main species of Crows, the large common crow found across the U.S.A. and the smaller fish crow found in the Southeast. The Common Crow is a big black colored bird approximately 17 to 20 inches long with a strong stout build and a compressed bill. The Fishing Crow is a smaller darker version of the Common Crow. Both have a scavenger's diet and will eat a wide variety of things.

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